Saber Nendoroid (Fate/Zero)

I was so excited to buy this Nendoroid from Telford Comic Con. Unfortunately I haven’t had the funds to spend on figures lately (having to spend it all on sensible grown-up stuff). For those of you that aren’t aware, this is Saber from the popular Type-Moon anime series Fate/Zero, clad in her infamous black suit.

Image from Good Smile Company

In this variation, Saber comes with three expressions (the only three that we saw through the whole of Fate/Zero): her glaring face, her angry face and a serious face. She also comes with a range of great extras and optional parts including the motorbike she used during her battle against Rider – the ‘Saber Motored Cuirassier’ as well as her all-powerful Noble Phantasm ‘Excalibur’ (made visible as not to confuse anyone).

Image from Good Smile Company

Upon opening the box, I saw that this figure comes with more than just the normal base. Apparently all Nendoroids released between December 2012 to January 2013 are packaged with and extra base, which was great. You will either receive a ‘wood’ base, a ‘road’ base or a ‘dirt road’ base. Mine came with the dirt road base, but I wasn’t too keen on it. The paint job looked a bit rushed and didn’t really go with the fantastic detail of the Nendoroid, so I kept with the usual clear base.

Saber’s motorbike can stand on itself without any support, as long as the surface is solid, and the Nendoroid can confidently sit on it without wobbling – just don’t try and move it afterwards! I also found myself struggling with the bent arms (for the motorbike pose). They were difficult to insert into the body, and are prone to coming loose if moved about too much. IMG_3470.JPGYou can also combine the new expressions and hair parts with ‘Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition’ to recreate the pose from one of the key visuals for the series, and various other scenes from the series, such as this iconic pose:

Image from Good Smile Company

Other than a few teething problems, this Nendoroid was a lot of fun to play with. The extras were great and there are plenty of poses to create with them. The great thing with Nendoroids is that you can chop and change through different figures. Now that I have two, I could start swapping elements around and come up with a strange Mikasa/Saber hybrid. What do you think? Fate/Titan, anyone?


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