Black Clover – Season 7

Black Clover – Season 7

The Wizard King makes an announcement to the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom – there will be a special tournament beginning in order to assess everyone’s skills and see if they have what it takes to become Royal Knights: a special battalion of magic users that will be fighting the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Our heroes are very keen to get stuck in and prove their worth. The Wizard King puts them all in random teams of three and tells them that two teams will battle against one another until there is only one team left. All they have to do is destroy the opposing team’s crystal before they get to yours.

Asta is put on a team with Mimosa and a mysterious mage names Xerx Lugner. Whilst Asta and Mimosa are determined to win, Xerx has a completely different attitude – he’s rude, lazy and prefers to fight alone by using his trap magic. Despite their inability to fight as a cohesive unit, Asta’s team manage to win a few rounds, and Asta perks up at the chance to fight against Yuno’s team, comprising of Yuno, Noelle and a sickly-looking fungus mage named En Ringard. Along the way, we also get to see just what all the other mages are made of as they battle their way through the three-on-threes for a chance to become a Royal Knight.

Things appear to be perking up again on the Black Clover narrative. It’s not often that we get to see Clover Kingdom mages going up against their peers (well, outside of the Black Bulls, that is) and I’ve seen some excellent fights that have really held my attention. The types of magic that are being used are very creative, and the ways that they use it in combat even more so. It’s good to mix things up and have mages from different factions working together to achieve a result. But it’s the unknowns here that make things interesting. From the beginning of the tournament, we know that Xerx isn’t who he says he is – he’s an imposter posing as a Magic Knight in order to find his way into the tournament. At the same time, we’re left wondering if the Wizard King know, or even cares, about this mystery-man’s underhand tactics. Is there a hidden agenda behind the Royal Knight tournament that the Wizard King isn’t keen to divulge?

As teams are eliminated, the battles get more and more heated. Finral finds himself facing off against his younger brother Langris, whom his parents have always favoured for his talent and raw magic power. Langris is full of himself, despises his older brother and, quite frankly, is a bit of a psychopath. After watching Langris gravely injure Finral, Asta can’t stand by and do nothing and rushes to the defence of his comrade. The Wizard King has Asta’s team fight Langris’ team next, and watches the fight carefully. Apparently, there was a bit more to the battles than initially met the eye, and the Wizard King was looking to see if the fights would shine a bit more light on his theory that there was an informant for The Eye of the Midnight Sun hiding in the Magic Knight ranks… and he was not disappointed.

We did have a random filler episode in the middle of everything, which did slow down the pace of things. Not that I don’t enjoy the Petit Clover segments at the end of each episode, but I didn’t really appreciate a full-length one in the middle of some pretty fiery battles. Get back to the Royal Knight tournament!

It was great to see Black Clover go back to some serious shounen action and leave the long bouts of (sometimes uninteresting) exposition of the previous arc in the dust. I’ve been waiting for a time that Asta and Yuno are brought back together after their own individual adventures as it’s a chance to show how they’ve grown and become stronger during their time apart – and a chance to show the viewers that their passionate rivalry hasn’t been subdued during that time. I’m looking for more of the same in the coming arcs, and perhaps more of the Black Bulls on missions, much like when the entire team visited the Seabed Temple, as it’s great to watch them grow as a team. Plus, I’ve seen hardly anything about Gordon yet, and I’m very interested in learning more about this very pale-faced, softly-spoken and often-forgotten member of the Black Bulls.