Fairy Tail Final Season

Fairy Tail Final Season

After hearing Mavis’ origin story and learning more about Zeref, his powers and the foundations of the Fairy Tail Guild, it is announced that the guild will disband.

We first see Lucy, Natsu and Happy travelling together. Some time has passed but now, with Lucy’s encouragement, Natsu is making an effort to get the old band back together. Their first point of call is Lamia Scale, a nearby guild, and discover that Wendy and Carla have found a home here over the past year alongside Lyon, Sherry and the older guild members. When they discuss the resurrection of Fairy Tail, Wendy is torn. She feels disloyal to Lamia Scale, especially since they took her in when they had nowhere else to go. However, Sherry understands and encourages Wendy to go with her old guild mates because Fairy Tail was such a strong force for good within Fiore.

They then discover Juvia living alone in a deserted village and she informs them of Gray’s sudden disappearance. Natsu’s pursuit of his teammate leads them to the headquarters of a cult named Avatar where they are confronted by powerful wizards and Gray himself. Unbeknownst to Natsu, showing up like he did has put a huge hole in Gray’s plans – he hasn’t become evil as the others suspected, he was only infiltrating the cult on Erza’s command to see what Avatar’s true intentions were. But now, his cover has been blown. Though the team now find themselves having to stop Avatar’s Purification Plan, their numbers are slowly growing…

Due to the growing number of threats, the team sets about rebuilding their guildhall. Word gets out, and the old members begin flocking back. All they need now is their Guildmaster back – but as they go to rescue Makarov they find themselves against an order named the Spriggan 12, who follow the orders of Emporer Spriggan – otherwise known as Zeref. He has cultivated the Alvarez Empire and now plans to wage war on Fiore – starting with the Fairy Tail guild.

Whilst Fiore does battle with the Spriggan 12 and Zeref’s supporters, Natsu seeks out the man himself, planning to destroy him with a special magic passed on to him by Igneel. Before he can, Zeref reveals a secret behind Natsu’s birth and survives the attack. The initial battle may be over, but the war rages on…

I’m really hoping to see a satisfying end to this anime. I read the manga a few years back and I hope that the re-telling does it justice. The Spriggan 12 are a powerful and complex bunch, and their battles and relationships with the Fairy Tail members, particularly the history between Lucy and Brandish, are given a great amount of airtime. More notably, the connection between Zeref and Natsu has finally been revealed, so things are only going to get more tense as the team wage war against a powerful and practically un-killable foe.

This is Fairy Tale we’re talking about, so you know that the final season is going to go out with the biggest band that it possibly can. I’m enjoying the extended gang all coming together and watching the stakes raise slowly as the truth begins to unveil itself. This is a popular franchise coming to an end, so I hope the anime continues to do the manga justice.