Radiant – Season 2

Radiant – Season 2

Having received a request to handle a job in Rumble Town, Seth heads off with the determination to track down a Nemesis that seems to be settled at the root of the problem. In Rumble Town, Sorcerers are treated poorly under the policies set by Captain Konrad of the Inquisition. When the Nemesis finally appears, Seth tries to capture it – but a Sorcerer wrapped in bandages stands in his way. There’s something darker lying at the heart of things in this town full of frightened people.

Seth, Melie and Doc meet the family of Taj, a young boy who has been infected by the Nemesis. Things are difficult for this town, full of many downtrodden immigrants that feel that their pleas are going unheard. Especially when Konrad makes a move to convince the majority of the population that their poor living standard are the fault of Sorcerers and immigrants. When the people begin to riot, they capture Taj and mean to execute him. Barely rescuing the young man and furious at how people are being treated, Seth sets his sights on Konrad. But just as he does, the Nemesis reappears, looking to be guided by a Sorceror called Hameline, who seems to have a deep hatred for Rumble Town, feeling betrayed by Konrad after a terrible incident that happened 15 years beforehand. Seth sees her as the biggest threat and intervenes in order to protect the townspeople.

After a particularly vicious attack, Seth loses consciousness and comes face-to-face with a man called Piodon who resembles an older version of himself. Piodon poses a question to Seth, asking him just what exactly he’s fighting for. Returning to the fight, Seth tries his best to protect the innocent whilst trying his best to not use his powers in any violent way. But, despite his best efforts, he succumbs to the hidden powers inside of him and becomes an unstoppable force, indiscriminate about who he’s attacking.Can he really continue journeying with Doc and Melie after seeing just what he’s capable of?

I have to admit, I did struggle more with this season of Radiant. The pacing of the story was a little off and I thought that it had difficulty transitioning from a comical part of the story to a more serious one. I found the lighter parts of the story a bit tedious and the jokes weren’t particularly funny. The best part of this season by far is the battle with Hameline, but I feel that this has come too late into the story and I’m already losing the will to keep watching.

The Inquisition members are increasing, but I’m not particularly interested in their powers or their convictions. As a group of antagonists, I’m not feeling particularly on board with their characters and motivations – I can’t tell one from the other most of the time and I’m not understanding their actual purpose. Perhaps this will be revealed later, but I’m not prepared to stick around and find out.

Through the last few episodes you can see Seth struggling to come to terms with the monstrous power he has inside of him, and can’t even force a smile for the party the townspeople that are throwing him a party. He wonders if he’ll ever be able to find Radiant and is troubled by the instability of his potential. And when rushing to Melie’s aid to fight a stray Nemesis brings with it another berserker episode within him, Seth must make a difficult decision.

As much as I love a good shounen action story, Radiant just isn’t holding my attention in a way I hoped it would. I think Seth and Alma are good characters, but I’m becoming lost and confused with the addition of all these newer characters that I can’t keep track of and don’t particularly feel a connection to. I’ll likely look for something new to replace this in the next season as I’m not confident that Radiant will begin being more consistent with its tone and mood.