Sword Art Online: Alicization – Season 2

Sword Art Online: Alicization – Season 2

After violating the Taboo Index and being thrown into prison in the Central Cathedral, Kirito and Eugeo finally manage to escape. After being apprehended and in danger of being killed, they find themselves rescued by a young girl calling herself ‘Cardinal’. She explains to them the history of the Axiom Church and the origins of the Taboo Index, taking a deeper dive into the mysterious past of the Administrator. Meanwhile, from the Ocean Turtle in the real world, Asuna watches over Kazuto’s body as he undergoes treatment.

Armed with more information and power, Kirito and Eugeo press on further to do battle with the Integrity Knights. During their struggles, Kirito manages to activate his Perfect Weapon Control art, adding another string to his metaphorical bow as they continue upwards to the of of the Cathedral and the quarters of the Administrator. But when they arrive in the Cloudtop Garden, they are confronted by a familiar face: Alice, and she’s confident they won’t get past her. When she and Kirito both unleash their Perfect Weapon Control art, they find themselves in a situation where they have no alternative but to work together to keep themselves alive.

Of course, we know that Kirito’s tough and his talents with a sword are unrivalled no matter what game/reality he finds himself in. By far, the most interesting character in this story is Eugeo. Kirito must always have new people to play off of otherwise things will begin to get stale quickly. Though Eugeo is only just leaning how to become a swordsman, he pays Kirito back by showing him how the world works and looking after him whilst he adjusts. His flaws, his relationship with Kirito and his determination to see Alice again is what keeps be engaged – watching him develop from a mild-mannered woodcutter to a reality-breaking fighter has been great, and seeing him face opponents one-on-one without Kirito are easily the better battles. Kirito we know will be fine throughout most battles, but it’s Eugeo that we ultimately follow the growth of. In the world of SAO it was Asuna, in Alfheim online it was Leafa and this time around we are watching Eugeo’s transformation.

Meanwhile, back in the real world in the secret Ocean Turtle base, Kirito’s real body is being treated under the watchful eye of Asuna. We don’t really see much of Asuna in this one, although, to be begin with, she looks as if she may have more of a presence than she actually does. I guess there’s really not much for her to do when the story is being built in another world altogether, but I do hope that they revisit thins in the Ocean Turtle towards the end in order to tie things up.

Sword Art Online: Alicization has been slowly building itself up to some great scenes. It seems like the main part of the story doesn’t change – Kirito finds himself in some form of altered reality that isn’t what it first seems, and he needs his skills and his friend to get to the bottom of things. The Pontifex is an interesting protagonist, having grown so aware of her reality that she is able to manipulate it at will and all those who live within it. I’m very much looking forward to the final showdown here and what the world will be like after she clashes with Kirito. The Sword Art Online franchise can be quite divisive, with people loving it and hating it, but I’m still a huge fan after so many years.