JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind – Season 2

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind – Season 2

After retrieving Polpo’s hidden treasure of 10 billion lire and handing it over to Capo Pericolo, Bucciarati’s team immediately get given an order from the Big Boss. They must protect his only daughter, Trish Una, from a group of traitors hidden within the organisation. They are sent cryptic orders to help guarantee her safety which have them travelling to Pompei, Naples, Florence and Venice.

However, the traitors and their stands are hot on the group’s trail, and will stop at nothing to take Bucciarati down and take Trish for their own means.

The Hitman Team are proving to be a formidable group, stalking Bucciarati’s team relentlessly and using their stands in a myriad of creative ways. Poscuitto and Pesci cause no end of trouble on the train to Florence with their Stands The Thankful Dead (The Grateful Dead) and Fisher Man (Beach Boy). After narrowly escaping with their lives, the find themselves at risk from Melone and his Stand Baby Head (Baby Face), a long-range Stand that can generate offspring that develop rapidly. Bt as the team split up in order to get to Venice, Ghiaccio and his Stand White Ice (White Album) has them grinding to a half. Will the team ever be able to fulfil their mission and protect Trish?

This season’s JoJo has been incredibly action-packed. Poor Bucciarati and his team haven’t had a moment’s respite since leaving their headquarters. The journey and the subsequent battles have been practically nail-biting in pace and drama. If I were a member of Bucciarati’s team, I would have quite whilst I was ahead.

All the while, Giorno as been proving himself to be indispensable within all of these encounters. Golden Wind (Gold Experience) is a powerful and versatile Stand, and the son of Dio’s creativity in pressured situations has held him and his fellow members of Passione in good stead. His quick thinking has allowed his teammates to escape the clutches of The Hitman Team on more than one occasion, and has slowly earned him the trust of some of the more suspicious members of Bucciarati’s team. But are they really doing the right thing by delivering Trish to the Boss with no questions asked?

There’s something about Golden Wind that is rather pretty and intricate. Bucciarati and his team are all young and good-looking and wear rather glamorous outfits. And being set in the stylish country of Italy, the countryside and cityscapes are absolutely stunning – even more so during those trademark colour inversions that are quintessentially JoJo. We also see some nods to the manga in the display of comic-style panels or dot-matrix colouring. As per usual, these bizarre adventures remain a true feast for the eyes.

It also explored friendship and loyalty – something the show does gradually as it gives insights into each character’s background, motivations and how they eventually became part of Bucciarati’s gang. When Bucciarati has a tough choice to make, he understands if the rest of the group refuses to follow him. It is them up to the rest of them to choose to betray the organisation that took them in to pursue what they think is right.

Once more, another excellent story from the JoJo universe. It’s been an off-the-wall experience with non-stop action, complex characters and truly creative Stands and abilities. I can barely wait for the next instalment.