Ace Attorney – Season 4

Ace Attorney – Season 4

To kick this season off, we’re going back in time to when Phoenix Wright’s mentor, Defence Attorney Chihiro Ayasato (Mia Fey), was but a mere rookie. Here we see many happening through her eyes: a young Phoenix accused of murder, a young Miles Edgeworth taking his place in court as a prosecutor for the first time, a snapshot of the mysterious Godot and what he looked like before he adopted his curious masque and also a devious character from the past who we will be seeing frequently in this season: Dahlia Hawthorne.

By complete coincidence, I find myself going through the old Phoenix Wright DS games and enjoying them as much now as when I did over 10 years ago. I think the content, the stories and the characters have stood the test of time well, and it’s been great to hear them talk in the anime and deciding if the voice they’ve been given fits in well with the voices I imagine them having. Mostly, it’s been pretty accurate – in particular the voice used for Masashi Yahari (Larry Butz). Giving him an over-exuberant, slightly whiny voice was absolutely perfect.

The trials featuring Dahlia Hawthorne are interesting, as they tie all the main characters featured in the Phoenix Wright series together quite nicely for the final denouement. Dahlia was Phoenix’s girlfriend, she was in the courtroom with Mia and Edgeworth and even drew Maya, Pearl, Larry and Franziska von Karma in through the Bridge to the Turnabout trial. It’s always fun to see old characters turn up in new cases – these are the stories that tend to have the most depth to them thanks to their connections with the main characters.

We also get to see how Phoenix transitions from lovestruck college student to the talented lawyer that we know him to be today. He is accused of killing a fellow student and is one of the first clients of Mia Fey as a rookie defence attorney. At this age, Phoenix isn’t exactly what we would expect. He’s not studying law, doesn’t really understand the seriousness of the situation he’s in, and is forever distracted by thoughts of his apparently beautiful and gentle girlfriend Dahlia, using her innocent and feminine personal to cover up her dastardly deeds. This is where we see Phoenix begin to become the lawyer he is now, with his perceptions shattered and in awe of Mia’s talents to discover the truth. He learns that, as a defence attorney, believing in your client is everything.

That’s why, five years later at a spiritual retreat in the mountains with Maya, he is surprised to be confronted by a ghost from his past… or is she?

This series shows some of my favourite stories and cases from the Phoenix Wright series. It brings back all the main characters to solve some truly confusing cases. I’ve never seen so excited to see the inside of a courtroom.