Black Clover – Season 6

Black Clover – Season 6

After defeating both the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the Diamond Kingdom in the battle in the Witches Forest, everyone returns to the Black Bulls base in the Clover Kingdom. Asta’s arms seem to be healed, and he’s back to training everyday in order to master his anti-magic abilities. Everyone’s winding down and relaxing in what could be a peaceful time for the Kingdom, but there’s no telling when the Eye of the Midnight Sun or the Diamond Kingdom could strike again.

So when the Star Festival, the biggest festival in the Clover Kingdom arrives, everyone naturally wants to let loose. And during the festival the Wizard King announces just how many stars each Magic Knight squad has acquired so far – and it turns out that the Black Bulls have shot all the way from last place into second this year, thanks to all their help defending the Kingdom. Asta and Yuno also get recognised for their skills, despite ‘only being commoners’, which I was glad to see. The group celebrates, along with Kahono and Kiato from the Seabed Temples, who were recently healed of their wounds by Asta.

During the festival, Asta crosses paths with a few new Magic Knight captains. He meets Charlotte, captain of the Blue Rose Knights, a cooly distant woman who isn’t very fond of men. Until Yami appears, and suddenly she’s a blushing and stammering wreck. Do these two captains have a history together? A rivalry between Charlotte and Vanessa starts up, so I’m hoping that this means that the next battle arc will involve the Blue Rose Knights.

We also have two new Magical Knight captains stepping up to the plate – replacing the disgraced Gerudoro Poizotto of the Purple Orcas is Kaizeru Guaranboruka and taking over from the injured Fuegoleon Vermillion of the Crimson Lions is his elder sister Mereoleona. Mereoleona is a hostile, tempermental woman who believes actions speak louder than words. Her first order of business is to send the Crimson Lions, as well as Yuno and Asta and friends, to a hot spring training camp – wanting to size up the ability of the two commoners that the Wizard King has commended so highly.

It would seem that this season’s party of the Black Clover story is focused on establishing new characters and relationships, using the Star Festival to bring all the Magic Knights back together in order to do so. These new people look set to bring some fresh storylines along with them as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the Crimson Lions and Blue Roses Knights conduct themselves in battle.

I also like how Yuno and Asta are developing together. Having established a mutual respect for one another early on in the series, their rivalry is less aggressive when comapred to Naruto and Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden or Izuku and Katsuki in My Hero Academia, but by no means less competitive. It could stem from their solidarity at coming from a humble background and being surrounded by nobles. It’s refreshing, and puts a new angle on the shounen anime rival element.

This season of Black Clover may be a slow burner when compared to past action-packed arcs, but it’s still holding my interest. Some episodes seem kind of filler-ish because not much goes on in them, but I’m hoping, that all this exposition pays off when the battles start to some around once more. I’m sure the Black Bulls will keep me entertained with their antics until then.