Autumn 2018 anime review

Autumn 2018 anime review

With the Autumn 2018 line-up now at a close, I thought I would take a quick look back over the anime I have reviewed this season and do a swift summary and conclusion on them all. Many of my reviews were written only a few episodes in, and some of my opinions may have changed since all those months ago. Besides, one of the things that I think makes a good anime (or book, film or game, for that matter) is how good the ending is. Here I will take a look at those very important endings and rate them, in reverse order. Since these are ending reviews, there will be spoilers!

A bit of a quick one this season, as most of the anime I’ve watched this season is rolling on into Winter 2019.

Goblin Slayer

For me, Goblin Slayer ended up being just okay. After the initial shocking scenes and the background to Goblin Slayer that covers his fixation with goblins, there wasn’t really anything else on offer to maintain my interest. The battle at the end was impressive, but didn’t have anything too original in it. In the ending credits, we were told that Goblin Slayer will be returning at a later date. Thing is, I don’t think I’ll be turning in for a second season.

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill

Double Decker! was a little bit better than Goblin Slayer. Things took an interesting turn towards the end, with a twist that I didn’t see coming, but it did pretty much come out of nowhere. So, one of the two moons is actually a colony and Kirill once belonged to it? The ending fight scene was rather impressive, with a few fake deaths thrown in for good measure. The music was always spectacular, as was the colour palette, even though I thought that some parts of the story could merit from a bit more explanation. At the end of the story, there was a subtle hint at a second season being on the cards, which I would be tempted to tune into.

Continuing series’