JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind – Season 1

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind – Season 1

Koichi Hirose, from Diamond is Unbreakable, travels to Naples in Italy to find the suspected son of Dio Brando, Haruno Shiobana. By coincidence, he runs into the very same person outside the airport, now going by the name Giorno Giovanna, and that he is also a stand user! But things are not simple for Koichi or Giorno, as Naples is a city nearly overrun by gangs and the mafia and these people are all dangerous – and some of them are even stand users themselves.

I have waited very patiently for the next arc of JoJo – two years, to be exact – and I’m very much looking forward to this story. With its bright colours and, true to the title, bizarre things going on, I already know that following the story of Dio Brando’s son is going to be one of my main priorities this anime season.

Giorno Giovanna’s story is that he want to rise through the ranks of Naples’ underground mafia syndicate Passione with hopes of becoming the ultimate gangster. Being the son of Dio Brando (via the possession of Jonathan Joestar), he is the latest protagonist of the Joestar dynasty. After coming into contact with gangster Leaky-Eyed Luca, affronted because Giorno was operating on his turf. After beating Luca by using his Stand, Golden Wind, Giorno begins to attract the attentions of other members of Passione.

Enter Bruno Bucciarati, a member of Passione with a Stand of his own. After a brutal confrontation with the young gangster in which Giorno is the victor, he spares Bucciarati after he agrees that Giorno can join the organisation. And so Giorno finds himself fully exposed to the world of Italian gangsters and comes to realise just how many of them have stands and the different powers they wield. He works with Bucciarati’s group of Stand-wielding mafia members Leone Abbacchio, Narancia Ghirga, Guido Mista, and Pannacotta Fugo to build his reputation, stamp out their opponents and finally meet (and beat) the mysterious boss at the very top of Passione.

As always, I am utterly drawn in by JoJo‘s fantastic art, psychedelic colour, outrageous action and varied locations. As we progress through our protagonists, time moves on and the story progresses. The idea of Stands keeps changing and developing and so do the characters. Artistically, we still appear to have the best of both worlds, combining Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable‘s art direction with the intricate illustrations in the manga. This is the first story set in the 21st century and we’re progressing ever-nearer to the present day.

Giorno’s Stand (Golden Wind) has the power to transform anything into a living organism, which is a power that he can get very creative with. Some early examples include turning Koichi’s luggage into a frog to prevent him from reclaiming it and later using that same frog to deflect a strike from Leaky-Eyed Luca’s shovel. However, Giorno’s most difficult mission as a member of Passione to-date will be protecting the daughter of the mysterious boss, Trish Una, from some traitors within the organisation. Perhaps this is the key Giorno has been seeking to get closer to the infamous crime lord?

Golden Wind looks just as promising as its predecessors and I’m looking forward to Giorno’s progress within the mafia world. There was an exposition-heavy beginning, but things quickly began to kick off in true JoJo style. Giorno appears to be doing very well on his own and we haven’t seen much of Koichi since the first couple of episodes. Nevertheless, this hasn’t lessened my excitement to watch until the end so, as usual, the JoJo franchise still remains a firm winner for me!