Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Season 7

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Season 7

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

This season has a focus on Mitsuki as he leaves the village to try and shed some light on who he is and what he’s meant to be doing and is better known as the ‘Mitsuki’s Disappearance’ arc. After an attack by unknown ninja at the Hidden Leaf Gate, Mitsuki  vanishes. When Sarada and Boruto find out, they want to know what’s happening – particularly when they find out that all the jonin have been summoned by the Hokage and the two of them have been told not to leave the village.

Naruto with Mitsuki's headbandDespite this, the two young ninja travel to Orochimaru’s research lab in order to gain information, and what Mitsuki’s ‘parent’ has to tell them makes Boruto realise that he didn’t understand Mitsuki as well as he first expected. But this trip comes at a cost, for their absence is noted in the village (why wouldn’t it be?) and Shikadai’s Team 10 are assigned to track them down and bring them back. Even though they are now at risk of being labelled as rogue ninja, Boruto and Sarada resist being apprehended and, as a result, have to fight their friends to maintain their freedom. Eventually though, Shikadai is won-over by Boruto and Sarada’s resolve to bring back their teammate and Team 10 agree to accompany them to Ryuchi Cave, which is where Orochimaru suggested that they look for more clues on Mitsuki’s whereabouts. When they arrive, they’re told that they must pass some trials in order to meet the enigmatic White Snake Sage.

Boruto and friendsBoruto and company are set a near-impossible task: to bring back the ‘reverse scale’ from a terrifying snake by the name of Garaga. This snake has a bad attitude and turns Chocho to stone. Luckily, Shikadai’s quick mind and Boruto’s recklessness mean that a risky strategy is pulled off and the team manage to subdue the scaly terror. As he goes to remove Garaga’s reverse scale for the sage, Boruto decides to, instead, make a summoning pact with the snake. They then learn that Mitsuki is with Hidden Stone Ninja, and head to the Land of Earth to finally track down Mitsuki.

Chocho throwing a punchWhen they catch up, however, they discover that Mitsuki doesn’t want to go back to the Hidden Leaf, much to everyone’s shock. The time he’s spent travelling with the mysterious beings of Kokuyou and Sekiei has taught him much about what it means to be human and establish friendships and relationships with people. However, what the young ninjas still don’t know is that deeper things are brewing in the Hidden Stone and the Land of Earth. Will they ever be able to avoid greater conflict and finally bring Mitsuki back home?

Ohnoki, former TsuchikageSometimes I wonder if Boruto is getting too strong too quickly. He seems to come out on top pretty easily against lots of strong characters. Him and his friends seem to be able to pull the wool over the jonins eyes more easily than I think Naruto and chums could have done to Kakashi, for example. Things just seem to be made quite convenient for them to get so far in things that they have been explicitly told not to do. You would think, after finally establishing a real understanding with his father, that Boruto would have a bit more respect for how things are run in the village. For someone with so little real ninja experience, him and his pals sometimes really push their luck.

Sarada looking shockedI’m still hoping that Boruto and Mitsuki’s relationship doesn’t become like Naruto and Sasuke. I want it to be something different and more organic, something that helps Boruto take yet another step away from being a cardboard cut-out of his father. I’m just wary because of his similar attitude and his sudden apparent mastery of the rasengan. He is growing into his own person, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not entirely convinced that, somewhere down the line, there will be the easy option of taking the easy way out and have him behave like Naruto. I know, being his son, he’s not going to be completely different, but I’m still waiting to feel that Boruto’s truly on his own path and not to be looking like he’s loosely following the tales of his father (and don’t get me started on some of the supporting characters, either!).