My Hero Academia – Season 4

My Hero Academia – Season 4

The provisional licensing exam is looming, and the hero class of UA have got a lot of training to do in order to get their provisional licenses. The level of talent is high this year, and so everyone is under a lot of pressure to perform and not fall behind their peers. Will all of them manage to succeed, or will this be the hurdle that starts to separate them?

The class find themselves up against many other hero academies sporting the best of the best. They’ve been practicing their ‘ultimate’ moves, but they’re not sure that this will be enough. The others look tough and some of their powers are phenomenal and the team band together in order to take on the other schools – who are all gunning for the glory that inevitable comes with taking down a hero from UA.

As always, the fight scenes are gripping and there’s something different to behold every time. And it’s not just watching the characters unleash their ultimate moves – it’s also seeing their strategies and how they perform under pressure. And this is just what the invigilators of the exam are looking for – skills they will be putting into practice in their everyday lives as heroes: protecting civilians, neutralising threats and working together with other heroes to prioritise what matters.

There is plenty of success and celebration, but also some surprises to behold too. And whilst the students come to terms with the outcome of a truly tough exam, All Might visits the secure facility which houses his arch-nemesis: All For One. He’s a shadowed character and this is the first time we’ve seen any extended interaction with him. Particularly now All Might’s vulnerabilities have been exposed to the world and he is now in semi-retirement.

Meanwhile, tensions are flaring between Deku and Bakugo. We finally see Bakugo’s frustrations with Deku come to light as the best fight scene of the season unfolds. Bakugo’s raw power is something terrifying and you can see why the villains thought that he might do better on their side rather than following All Might. Meanwhile, Deku is still weary about using his Smash style after the grave warning about permanent damage he received on his last trip to the hospital. Instead, he focuses on honing his Shoot style whilst trying to sort out his issues with his friend and rival. I feel like it’s the first time we’ve seen a real vulnerability in Bakugo instead of his usual one-dimensional shouty rage and we see a great deal of strength in Deku. Seeing the two of them fight and the destruction they cause unnerves All Might and he acknowledges his shortcomings as a mentor after seeing two young heroes, completely opposite to one another in all ways bar their idolisation of him, go for each other so fiercely that they are destroying their surroundings just to put one another down.

Even so, the training process doesn’t slow down. The class are introduced to their seniors, known collectively as The Big Three due to their powers and how they use them effectively. The class come to realise, still, just how much they have to learn in order to become stronger heroes – and the pressure doesn’t let up due to the sizeable hole that All Might’s retirement has left in the force of heroes. Endeavour is now, technically, the Number One Hero, but will he be enough to intimidate the growing number of villains that are feeling encouraged due to the hero side’s supposed weakness?

Again, another strong season of My Hero Academia. I feel like I’ve bonded with a lot of the characters, so I’m not just rooting for Deku/Iida/Uraraka anymore. With such a large, likeable cast put under so many exams, things do get a bit nail-biting as you truly want them all to succeed and you’re not sure that all of them are going to make it. And it’s become apparent that power and skill aren’t the only things that will keep you at the top of the class – so some of the stronger candidates are having to assess their progress and change their thoughts about what makes a Number One Hero. I hope that I’m not waiting too long for another series.