Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Season 6

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Season 6

Boruto’s story within this particular anime season sees a controversial ending to the chuunin exams with the appearance of some ninjas with ties to an old foe. We then have a focus on more mission-type episodes with an insight into Chocho’s skills and personality. Boruto and the gang, whilst beginning their time as ninjas looking like undisciplined children, have quickly grown into young ninjas capable of formulating strategies and executing missions. Well… most of them.

The chuunin exams , whilst showcasing the skills of the ver best young ninjas within the five villages, also showed a vulnerable side to Boruto that we hadn’t seen before. Although he was caught cheating in the exam and brought shame on Konoha before the five Kage, it also brought to light how desperate he was to show Naruto how strong he as getting despite his father’s neglectful parenting. But when the Otsutsuki Clan appear and kidnap Naruto, father and son truly connect for the first time as they begin to recognise one another as ninja.

After the upheaval there is a smaller arc that has a focus on Chocho’s abilities and issues with the Akimichu Clan’s expansion justsu, her self-image as a young woman and how she comes to accept herself after using her chakra to slim herself down for a mission as a bodyguard to a handsome actor that she idolises. These particular arcs are great at breaking up the main story and shift the focus to another character in order to give them the development they deserve. Another example is the story about Metal Lee and his anxiety – one of my particular favourites in the stories told this seas as this required some screen time with one of my all-time favourite people in the Naruto universe – Might Guy.

I feel like we’ve finally transitioned into ninja territory instead of watching a lot of kids plan at being ninjas. They appear to have left the classroom firmly behind and are now discovering themselves and developing their skills on missions instead of fighting with the adults they’re supposed to be learning from and building relationships with them. Boruto is finally finding it’s flow and building narratives around its core cast of characters whilst finding natural ways of integrating the Naruto cast in the process.

Mitsuki’s also become quite the interesting character. When I first realised that he had ties to Orochimaru, I thought that I had him all figured out and knew exactly how his story was going to play out in parallel to Boruto’s. I expected there to be a similar dynamic to Naruto and Sasuke with the two of them being rivals and Mitsuki struggling with the person who he wants to be whilst being under some compulsion or obligation from Orochimaru. But I’m beginning to see that I may have drawn too many conclusions. There appears to be an upcoming arc which centres around Mitsuki, so I’m hoping to find answers – preferably ones that go against more of my character assumptions!

I’m beginning to hope that Boruto stands the test of time and becomes a shounen epic like its predecessor. It’s certainly taken its time to establish itself with simultaneously riding on Naruto‘s coattails whilst trying to get out of its shadow, but I think it’s finally on the right track. If I didn’t have such love for the original story I wouldn’t have stuck with it, but now I’m beginning to see the potential so I’m hoping that they find something new and original to finally give Boruto that propulsion it needs to finally strike out on its own.