Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World – Season 2

Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World – Season 2

The eatery from another universe is back with a second season of delicious food, warm hospitality and a wide range of customers. It’s amazing what food can do to repair relationships, improve the mood and impact people’s decisions, but taisho’s cooking is something magical and this particular Izakaya quickly becomes the place where special things happen.

I was pleased when I heard Isekai Izakaya was stretching over two seasons. There’s something comforting and familiar in its story that makes in an easy watch – something that I’m currently favouring due to my hectic schedule outside of anime. The character’s dilemma are usually minor and, if anything escalates, you know that things will be all right again after a couple of episodes at the most.

Things are always gloriously warm inside. The colours used in everything rom the walls to the food proclaim that no bad can happen in this place and the music is always so jolly and uplifting. Clammbon’s ‘Prosit!’ is practically toe-tapping and the episodes are around five minutes shorter than you would usually expect, which means I can watch more episodes in the limited time I have. There’s also the added bonus of Nobu Plus within this time, whichI love. It shows me what it’s like in Japanese restaurants, the type of food they serve and the ingredients used domestically to produce delicious staple dishes.

Though the stories told here are generally episodical, the biggest focus of this season centres around Izakaya Nobu’s most famous export: the Whatsontap – it’s the drink the soldier’s always love to grab at the end of the day and what the nobles are always surprisingly delighted by. When city council chief Backeshof offers to buy Nobu and this suggestion is rejected, he’s determines to see them ruined. As a result, he informs them that their trademark drinks, lager, is actually illegal in Aitheria and the punishment is severe… with the possibility and death. Things are looking bleak for the taisho and Shinobu, but when Judgement Day arrives they find that all their customers are rushed to their defence and that Gernot, the resident tax man, has the information needed to save them from dire consequences.

After then making an ally of the last emperor, the employees at Nobu are asked to serve food at the Three Northern Lords, who have a strained relationship with the capital. Their cooking is a success and is used in a clever political manoeuver that impresses the Lords. In a matter of episodes Nobu goes from being on the brink of collapse to being the emperor’s first choice. It pays off to have friends in high places.

I’ve enjoyed Isekai Izakaya this season. As well as consistently delivering all the elements that I loved to see in the first season, it’s built some great characters and established some longer stories to help provide some of the depth it may have been lacking due to shorter episodes. I hope I get to pay another visit to this establishment soon!