Black Clover – Season 4

Black Clover – Season 4

After driving away the Eye of the Midnight Sun and bringing peace back to the Clover Kingdom, Asta has finally had the recognition he craved from the Wizard King But he couldn’t hep but feel disturbed in what the groups leader, Licht, said about his grimoire – that it, and Asta’s sword, belong to the shadowed Master of the Eye of the Midnight Sun – and now they want it back.

For the moment, though everything has gone back to being peaceful in the Kingdom – until the Black Bulls get assigned a mission to head to the nearby country, to reclaim an artefact. Although the Bulls spend a lot of time pratting around in their swimsuits on the beach whilst Yami isn’t around, Noelle decided to join Asta whilst he trains as she’s hyper-conscious that her inability to control her powers is making this difficult for her teammates. Whilst there, they meet Kahono, a local mage who’s powers come rom song. She helps Noelle focus her powers enough so the Bulls are in with a chance of broaching the Underwater Temple – their targets destination.

The temple’s High Priest, Gifo, however, plant to have the Bulls jump through hoops, and a battle royal ensues in heaad-to-head fights between the Bulls and the temple mages. That is, until Vetto from the Third Eye, (the name of those strongest within The Eye of the Midnight Sun) shows up to disrupt things. And if things weren’t action-packed before, they are now as the mages band together to take on the greatest threat either group has faced before.

A lot of this season of Black Clover is taken up by the fight with Vetto, which is an interesting one. We are finally gets to see all of the Bulls in actions and see the extend of their powers including Vanessa and Finral, whose thread and space magic, respectively, put on a good show togeher to enable Asta to finally land some blows on the increasingly-powerful Vetto. I was quite impressed with all the times that this guy managed to rally – even by shounen standard. He just kept getting more and more powerful until I was genuinely concerned that the Bulls would end up fighting him for a whole season. How is the net member of the Third Eye, as I’m sure that there’ll be one, going to top this guy’s brutal strength and uncanny healing abilities? It took nearly all of the Bulls and the best of the temple mages to wear him down, so I’ll be interested to see who gets sent next.

The fight was not without victims as Kahono, who wants to be a singer and Kiato, her dancer brother, sustain injuries that not only threaten their life but see their dreams of being professional performers go up in smoke. We also see the true identity of Grey, the towering and usually silent member of the Black Bulls – which surprises everyone, including Yami. After finally putting an end to Vetto – or so it would seem – the Bulls reclaim the magic stone they were sent to fins and, having now made great allies at the Water Temple, return to their Kingdom.

An altogether more engaging season of Black Clover, back on good shounen form and showcasing a range of characters within battle that viewers can remember. With catchy opening and ending music as well as the mildly-amusing chibi shorts of Petit Clover, things remained action-packed until the very end with all the battles we saw this time round. It’s a true testament to the stamina of the Black Bulls (even if they did resume indulging in fighting, eating, drinking and extreme cowardice right afterwards, though). But it shows them to be flawed, comical characters – and that makes them all the more endearing.