Attack on Titan – Season 3

Attack on Titan – Season 3

Suspicion is rife in the city as the Titans are no longer the only thing humanity has to contend with: it would seem that they can no longer even trust one another. After the terrifying discovery that Titans are actually part of the walls that protect them from the literally huge threats outside – and the government knew about it – the scouts and the internal police are beginning to turn on one another. And just who is Crista Lenz/Historia Reiss, really? What are her true origins? And what is it that the internal police want from Eren? I’m keen to see just what goes on within the walls in the much-anticipated third season of Attack on Titan.

To try and gain more of an insight into the skills of Titans, Eren has a series of tough tests run on him and his Titan body, but they are ultimately failures as he collapses, exhausted. The scouts are them forced to flee as the government demand custody of Eren and Historia. Whilst they are being chase, an old adversary of Levi’s decides to make himself known – Kenny Ackerman. Meanwhile, an uprising is simmering away. With news of Historia’s royal lineage, there is a plan to overthrow the puppet government and install Historia as the rightful queen. But as to what will become of this civil scuffle, and who will survive it whilst the Titans are still biting at their heels, remains to be seen.

As per usual, Attack on Titan wastes no time taking off at a flying pace. So much so that I do have to go back and refresh my memory on a few wikis before getting whisked away into all the nonstop action. There are such huge gaps between he seasons that the details start to fade away and some of the intricacies, at least in the beginning, are usually lost on me. I have to reacquaint myself with the characters, their alliances and their ranks.

Speaking of characters, I can’t fault the scouts at all. They’re a deadly bunch, but each are flawed in their own way – vulnerable enough that, if caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, they could be in serious danger. Of course, Eren, Mikasa and Armin are the main trio, and Captain Levi is always a favourite, but one of mine has always been Zoe Hange. I was drawn to her penchant for extreme emotion and her quirky enthusiasm when it came to conducting research about, or on, the Titans. Since being introduced very briefly in season one, her personality has developed her into a level-headed quick thinker that knows how to get a job done – even if it means threatening to throw someone off of Wall Sina, like she once did with Pastor Nick.

Oddly enough, we haven’t seen Eren, Mikasa or Armin do anything much of note so far. There is very much a focus on Crista/Historia and her background as well as an also face from Levi’s past. This arc appears to have lots of flashback scenes where the origin stories of the characters start to unfold more, since they’re not forever fending off the terrifying advancements of the Titans at the moment. An interesting current development is some more information into just how Eren became a Titan and how some Titans find themselves becoming stronger than average.

Despite a change of face and perspective from what we would consider ‘the usual’, Attack on Titan‘s latest season continues to be gritty and brutal in its delivery as layers are slowly peeled away to reveal that some humans are perhaps just as bad as the Titans. With a perfectly-pitched score and beautiful detail from the backgrounds to the grotesque Titans, it’s still got that addictive, thrilling package that has you wanting to binge-watch compulsively (even though you know the wait between seasons will be borderline torture).