Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

The city of Binan, somewhere in northern Kanto.

The five members of the Binan High School Defense Club (Hakone Yumoto, Yufuin En, Kinugawa Atsushi, Naruko Io, Zaou Ryuu) ended up having to “Love Making” (transform) into the Battle Lovers to fight against monsters.

The monsters were humans transformed by the student council (Kusatsu Kinshiro, Arima Ibushi, Gero Akoya), also known as the villainous Caerula Adamas. After a long fight, the mastermind pulling the strings was defeated, and the Earth Defense and Conquest Club reached a peace agreement. But not long after things were resolved, a new, mysterious enemy appeared: Galaxy Idols, the VEPPer.

While they fought the monsters, the Defense Club visited the beach, Mt. Binan, the school culture festival, and the amusement park; they celebrated Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, and generally enjoyed their high school lives. But the next thing they knew, the year had passed them by.

Now it’s March, and graduation is imminent. Both the graduating third-years and the remaining second- and first-years find themselves facing complex feelings they can’t quite put into words…

An OVA of the Defense Club! I was very excited to hear about this one. It started off, of course, with everyone clustered in the baths reminiscing about their time together and who was going to speak at graduation. This little discussion led to every character singing a little song about themselves in the style of an idol, which was hilarious. There was so many of them – it took so long. Good job that all the songs were catchy and entertaining.

But things are not all okay. Yumoto is feeling low. He doesn’t even want to cuddle Wombat. There’s something bothering him and he’s not ready to tell the others. When he hears another student ranting about everyone being so obsessed with graduation, usually a situation that would lead to a monster being created, he can only agree. When a graduation monster rears its ugly head, Yumoto realises that he doesn’t have the will, and therefore the power, to set things right. How can he fight this negative monster when there’s so much negativity already inside him? The only way to overcome it all is to embrace change and accept that En and Atsushi will be graduating and the five of them will no longer be together. And so, in one final effort, the Battle Lovers join together to defeat their last monster and finally make Binan High School peaceful again.

Watching the OVA made me feel sad to be seeing the end of my favourite five Binan High boys, but I also thought it was a fitting ending, seeing everyone reconciled and Wombat being so satisfied that he was able to leave the planet (on a special train that drove into the skies. Practically tear-jerking). And watching the five of them run after him, torn between not wanting to see him go and yet having to come to terms that lives move on and there’s more opportunities waiting for them as they grow up…