Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS

The darkness isn’t past yet. The peaceful days turn out to be short-lived as the shadow of another Selector Battle looms large. Mizushima Kiyoi is the first to notice that things are amiss, and she makes her move to put an end to the cycle of darkness.The Battle this time includes a new card, “Key” and has been set up with rules different than before. The Selectors gather once again. Hopes, memories, and the key. The final battle with everything on the line begins now!

The WIXOSS franchise has returned for another run of Selector battles. Just as the competitors felt that they were free of Kou the Bookmaker and were moving on with their lives they discovered that a new round of Selectors were being paired with LRIGs. But what’s at stake this time around? And who’s the one running this show – and what could their endgame be?

It might be me, but things seem a little bit darker this time around. We return to a group of Selectors that are still feeling the effects of the last round of battles. Chinatsu can’t seem to remember any of the memories she had stolen and former LRIGs are now adjusting to taking up residence in their old Selector’s bodies. As if to add insult to injury, they are all brought back into an old game with new rules. You now only start with three coins instead of five and you will lose your LRIG if you lose a battle – and the introduction of a new keyhole card means you can risk everything by turning yourself into an LRIG to fight alongside your partner; a dangerous gambit if losing the battle means that your LRIG is lost…

It’s good to see the usual characters make their return. I really like Hanna’s character and her manner of speaking where she expresses her intent or her feelings in one work before elaborating. She’ll simply state “question” before asking one or she will say “doubt” when she thinks someone is lying to her. I also like Kiyoi and her determination to win at any cost. She’s been burned by the Selector battles before: other Selectors are familiar with her and intentionally seek her out for battles. They certainly make up for Suzuko and Chinatsu, who are a bit of a ‘wet blanket’ pair. Chinatsu has been borderline useless so far without her memories. She’s even forgotten how to battle. And unfortunately Suzuko still remains a bit of a Mary Sue character, rejoining the battles on the thin possibility that she can claim Chinatsu’s memories back for her.

This time around, we also have characters from Selector infected WIXOSS being brought back into the fold. Hitoe, Yuzuki and Ruko – along with her LRIG Tama – have been pulled back into these twisted games along with antagonists like Akira and Layla, whose battling styles are destructive and desperate. And then we have ex-LRIG Carnival now inhabiting Kou’s body, which makes things even more disturbing. It appears that she has brought about these new battles, but she’s playing the new rules very close to her chest, and even appears to have the ability to break them. What could she be hiding and what does she intend to be the result of these twisted elimination games?

With the stakes of the battle higher, I’m expecting later episodes to up the ante. This time around, Suzuko is allying herself with Hanna and Kiyoi, and we also have Hitoe, Yuzuki and Ruko bonding together. Will there be a group alliance against Carnival’s anarchy? Perhaps. It would be an excellent way of converging all the storylines and giving the characters a chance to shine. There’s not enough time to cover everyone’s backstories and explain relationships from previous arcs. We have a typical case of some characters fading into the background because others have more screen time. I’m not entirely sure about who was once an LRIG and who wasn’t, but the good thing about the WIXOSS franchise is your don’t necessarily need the nuances to enjoy the dark fantasy atmosphere and fast-paced card battles. I hope that the final showdown, whatever form it will take, will be a satisfying one.