Summer 2017 anime review

Summer 2017 anime review

animeblogWith the Summer 2017 line-up now at a close, I thought I would take a quick look back over the anime I have reviewed this season and do a swift summary and conclusion on them all. Many of my reviews were written only a few episodes in, and some of my opinions may have changed since all those months ago. Besides, one of the things that I think makes a good anime (or book, film or game, for that matter) is how good the ending is. Here I will take a look at those very important endings and rate them, in reverse order. Since these are ending reviews, there will be spoilers!

11. A Centaur’s Life
I didn’t really expect too much of this one with regards to an ending. It was a collection of shorter stories of Hime and her friends and family just going about their everyday lives. I actually found the ending a little confusing. The last and final story was every member of the class getting involved in an arm-wrestling knockout championship. Hime shows up late and, quite rightly, wonders what everyone’s doing. Even though she keeps asking “What are we arm-wrestling for?” no one actually answers here. In the end, it’s down to her and class president Manami. In the end, Hime wins. From what I could gather, what everyone was competing for was the right to be the heroine of the anime. Obviously it was going to be Himeno. Although Manami and her younger siblings do pop up quite a bit, and the ending sequence is mostly focused on her. Enjoyable enough, but isn’t something I would watch a second season on.

10. Chronos Ruler
Unfortunately I really fell out of love with this one. I didn’t feel that the characters really developed at all past the first few episodes. There was too much of a fixation on Victor, who would fluctuate constantly between tortured hero lost in the past and witty, quipping joker so that I didn’t find him convincing at all. The other three characters were just there to help move the story of Victor along, as I saw it. There was no real scene with Kiri and Mina, which was weird given that Kiri had just discovered that Mina was definitely his mother. Perhaps it was thought that it might overshadow the relationship he had with Victor – not that there was much of one to begin with here. Chronos Ruler had so much potential when it first started out, and I felt that it was wasted.

9. Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic
I’m sad to say that this one fizzled out a lot earlier than I expected. At first I thought that there would be some semblance of  a story around this one, but things quickly became more episodical and silly, which was a let-down. There were some good scenes with Nina and Lion towards the end, where Nina saved Lion from when Rosa gets a bit out of control, but then it was like they had a couple more episodes to go, so they made some cheesy, seasonal cop-outs just to fill in the space. There could have been a lot more to Hina Logic, but I ended up being rather disappointed.

8. Netsuzou Trap -NTR-
Yuma finally comes to the realisation that she might, in actual fact, love Hotaru through talking out her feelings with her ex, Takeda. She approaches Hotaru to convince her to break up her toxic ‘relationship arrangement’ with Fujiwara, but Hotaru still refuses. But after some thought Yuma apologises to Hotaru, having not realised that her friend has been loving her from afar for a long time and she has not noticed at all. After a public declaration of love, the two kiss in the busy street. It was a pretty simple ending for an anime that ended up being very dramatic and crazy in places, but it was nice to see the two of them at least admit their true feelings to one another. The ending to this one could have gone a few ways, in my opinion, so it wasn’t as predictable an ending as it could have been were the source material a bit more traditional!

I liked Gamers! Probably not as much as the rest of the anime seemed to, but it was entertaining enough when you got used to the idea that this anime was less about a group of people playing games together than it was a group of teenagers brought together by gaming, who then proceed to be engaged in love triangles, humorous miscommunications and the odd conversation about actually enjoying games. In my opinion, the female characters were a lot stronger than the male ones. It was Karen, Aguri and Chiaki that really brought things to life. The fact that they were so different in personality and had different feelings and approaches towards games is what kept me watching this one.

6. Restaurant to Another World
There wasn’t really a big, scintillating ending to this one. But really, I don’t think this episodical format really needed one. In the last episode, we learn something interesting about the chef of Western Restaurant Nekoya – that he has some ancestry from this fantasy world that his restaurant opens to. Some of his customers are discussing their long lost warrior friend, who they always thought had died some decades ago, but it would seem that he did survive – in this other dimension. And he had children. In a scene that rolls after the final credits, the Nekoya door appears anew in a lush grass field, waiting for the next guest to step through.

5. Classroom of the Elite
I have to admit, this one lost me just after the halfway point. But then things suddenly started picking up again when things on the island started getting complicated. I never saw the twist coming when Ayanokouji managed to manipulate the plant Class C put into their midst in order to achieve their own goals. He also wasn’t above using Horikita’s condition in his attempt to win. But is winning finally something that the otherwise apathetic Ayanokouji is focused on? He has been pretending to help Horikita get into Class A all this time but in reality he is doing it all for his own benefits. I’ve enjoyed his character for the very beginning, and now that we’ve seen another intriguing side to him and some flashes of his backstory, I’m even more keen to watch his development. Hopefully this one has another season.

4. NEW GAME! – Season 2
Peko has been launched and everyone is at the game-launch celebration to enjoy the short calm before the whole process starts over again. Ko has said her goodbyes and has gotten ready for her new job in France, but the team skip work to give her a proper send-off at the airport. Although Aoba has been struggling with having confidence in herself, Ko’s departing words to her might just be what she needs to start the next project as a character lead. I felt like the new characters integrated themselves well with the original cast and I would like to see a third season. However, a new dynamic/relationship would have to arise in order to replace the Ko/Aoba storyline if this was to be the case. I’ve really enjoyed watching the New Game! girls do their thing.

3. Sakura Quest – Season 2
Such a fitting ending for the queen of Manoyma and her cohorts! Everyone seemed to find something in the festival that led them to having more clarity when it came to what they wanted to do with their lives. Yoshino made the decision to leave the village when her year as Queen was up and Kadota announced that there will not be another queen, as the village now has the will to improve itself. The train scene of everyone waving her away at the end was enough to bring genuine tears to my eyes. It was moving and satisfying without being too dramatic. It showed that people leave, people stay, and both of these things are okay. But Yoshino didn’t leave to go to Tokyo, and she didn’t head back to her own village where she grew up – she travelled to another town to continue her quest of revitalising small towns.

2. Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight
I have to say that I have been quite enamoured with Hell Girl. It’s great to see the variety of situations and people she encounters because they need her help. Despite the fact that the story generally follows the same pattern (something in their means that they contact Hell Girl to help them get revenge on someone), every story has been so very different. Sometimes the people that they curse deserve to die, sometimes the punishment is a bit excessive and sometimes the victim is completely blameless. Every time another candle is added to Ai’s collection. I’m definitely going to watch the preceding three series now – I can’t seem to get enough of Ai and her group!

1. My Hero Academia – Season 3
As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Deku and the rest of the hero class with their excellent mix of action and humour. The League of Villains is on the rise after Shigaraki gave Deku a surprise visit and the end of this season. The class continue to advance on their way to becoming pro heroes. Tensions continue to rise between Deku and Bakugo and Uraraka faces the fact that she might have feelings for our plucky young hero. Above all, the best bit is at the end when it is revealed that there will be a third season. I like to have something to look forward to and not be kept guessing as to whether I’ll see a storyline move on or not! Looking forward to more of the UA group – students, teachers and villains alike!

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