Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV

img_2971.jpgBrotherhood Final Fantasy XV is a short anime that delves into the extraordinary friendships between Crown Prince Noctis and his three comrades Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis. This anime sets the stage for the adventure gamers will embark upon when playing Final Fantasy XV.


I was keen to see what this anime had to offer a I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise. Normally when a game is due to be released they sometimes launch an anime to further promote the game, such as they did with Phantasy Star Online 2. This anime documents scenes with Noctis and company way before the time the game was set. The story focuses on when they are younger and how their current relationships formed.


I really enjoyed watching this. I would have liked it to have been a full-length season anime as I think they had enough content to merit it. I also think it would have been better if they didn’t put such a wait between the release of the episodes. By the time to fourth episode had been released I was already way into the game itself and had totally forgotten about the anime. Perhaps they chose to do it this way to stretch out the hype, but I couldn’t say that this tactic was such a success. If they wanted that effect, they should have released this as a full season-long anime.


Through the game I’ve become rather close to these four characters, and I haven’t enjoyed and invested so much in Final Fantasy characters since Final Fantasy X, so I did enjoy seeing the guys as younger versions of themselves and how they were looking after Noct and helping him to become a king even in the early days. We have Prompto befriending the Prince at school, alway spirited and fun-loving; Gladio is working to train up the Prince’s fighting skills, challenging him physically and mentally when Noct begins to get all teenage and moody because of all his princely responsibilities. And then we have Ignis making sure that we pays attention to these responsibilities, ensuring Noct knows what’s going on in Lucus as well as making sure he eats right and is at least outwardly behaving like a Crown Prince. Each episode shows how their relationship is growing and contributes to explaining how they all became so close.

img_2979.jpgThe final episode brings everything back to present day, as it were, with the group battling against a pretty nasty daemon literally dropped onto the guys by the Empire. With the help of his comrades, a reckless Noctis manages to slay the monster that his father failed to defeat back when Noctis was young, proving his level of strength and how far he has come on their journey. The anime finished with the group determined to take back Lucis and embarking on their travels to Altissia to see Lady Lunafreya.


Despite sharing some of the story from the game, it doesn’t reveal any spoilers so fans of the games can happily watch this one through to the end without having things ruined for them. Overall, this is a beautifully designed anime and is fantiastic in its promotion of the game. The way the characters and environments are depicted to how the group summon their weapons. In some parts, it actually felt like sequences were taken straight from the game. In just that 10-minute time frame per episode, Noctis’ story draws you in, and the ending of the final episodes is deftly crafted to leave the viewer wanting more – which can only be had from the game.