Love Tyrant

Love Tyrant


A beautiful girl named Guri, who has a mysterious item that forces two random people to kiss and turns them into couples, appears in front high school student, Aino Seiji. Despite being dressed up as a shinigami, she’s actually cupid. Suddenly, Guri tries to kiss Seiji, and then… Unavoidable and uncontrollable – A forceful love comedy that starts with an angel and a kiss!

It took me the first episode for me to get my head around just what Love Tyrant was trying to be. After a bit of thought and some visual prompts it finally clicked: it’s a bit of a reverse Death Note. So… this means we have a book that when names are written in it those people fall in love? Even just hearing the concept, I wanted to find out more.


From the very beginning my absolute favourite character in this anime was Akane. God knows I love a yandere and she is a great one. Tsunderes are good and all, but there’s nothing quite like a good yandere to spice the plot up a bit and put biblical fear into the eyes of her unlucky object of affection!


Another good thing about Love Tyrant is that it never takes itself very seriously, and as a character Guri does a very good job of making sure that things don’t get too bogged down or serious. She’s hyperactive and unpredictable and she just adds to the constant headaches I’m sure Seiji suffers with having to constantly be around such a wacky group of females. Some of the faces Guri pulls sometimes are genuinely hilarious and she totes her ‘Kiss Note’ indiscriminately, but does have a penchant for throwing together same-sex couples!


To Seiji’s credit, he’s not your average male anime harem lead, to which I’m very grateful. If he had been a personality-less harem lead copy I think that would have been a deal-breaker for me. Seiji has his own identity and personality thankfully and is often the butt of jokes or is acting as the ‘straight guy’ to one of the female leads. He’s generally also a good guy, always trying to please the women around him without hurting them.


The artwork style is slightly different to normal – outlines are more of a warm grey rather than black, which tends to soften the shape of faces, pieces of hair and creases in clothing.

It becomes apparent that the use of the Kiss Note isn’t even needed in some situations as some relationships are complicated enough without any supernatural involvement. Yuzu’s obsession with her older sister Akane practically makes her a professional stalker, to the extent that she steals her sister’s rubbish and disguises herself as a student at Akane’s school even though she doesn’t even attend. Even more concerning is the attitude of their cousin, Shikimi, who has some rather sado-masochistic intentions towards Seiji after hearing that she will gain immortality if she is also coupled with Guri. She doesn’t appear to have any true romantic interest in them, just the inclination to cause trouble for her cousins purely out of spite.


There seem to be lost of rules and instructions relating to Guri’s Kiss Note that are difficult to absorb in the rather hectic info-dump that is the first episode, but you don’t need all the details in order to enjoy all the insane situational comedy. As Seiji’s harem gets larger, the more chaotic things become (as expected!). Members of the group’s feelings change towards one another and complicate the bizarre love triangle (or pentagon, or hexagon, whatever).


The intro song is incredibly upbeat and catchy and is performed by idol group Wake Up, Girls! and is titled “Koi? d Ai? d Boukun-desu!” and was written by Aki Hate of Love Live! fame. The song gets into my head and Love Tyrant‘s opening is one of the few this season that I don’t constantly skip.

Love Tyrant is a well-drawn comedy anime that I’ve enjoyed since episode one. It’s not going to set the anime world on fire or anything but the pacing is good and it makes me chuckle every episode. Seiji, Guri and Akane are a great trio and even the supporting characters each contribute to the storyline. I look forward to further complications in this story and their hilarious consequences.