Fushigi Yuugi OVA 1

Fushigi Yuugi OVA 1

Some time has passed since Miaka left the Universe of the Four Gods. She studied hard, got into a good school with Yui and she has been reunited with a reincarnated Tamahome in her world. As she proceeds to live her life happily with Tamahome at last, the book of the Universe of the Four Gods gets stolen. The story starts back up again and Tamahome is transported back into the book. As a chain reaction unfolds before their eyes can Yui and Miaka, the former priestesses of Seiryu and Suzaku fix this terrible mess?

Fushigi Yuugi returns for its first OVA (Original Video Animation) after the emotional conclusion of the anime. Time has jumped forward somewhat and now Miaka and Yui are at high school. Tetsuya has become even closer to Yui and all the girls at Miaka’s school are jealous of her cool, mature-looking boyfriend. But when the fateful book is reopened all of their hard work starts to unravel. Although I can’t help but feel that the plot was wrapped up quite nicely within the anime itself, I couldn’t resist the temptation to see all of the memorable cast again. I couldn’t have been alone in this, which I guess is where the incentive to produce an OVA in the first place came from.

Things started off very strongly to begin with. After visiting Suzuno’s grave, that telltale red light emerges and Tamahome vanishes right before Miaka’s eyes. He reappears back in the book to find that 50 years have passed. He meets a girl named Kaen, who has been waiting for him to return. For Nakago to return. This is where things begin to get a little diluted as to why Tamahome had become Nakago and how Yui managed to summon Seiryu in the last episode. But on the plus side, Miaka wasn’t as annoying in this story as I remembered her from towards the end of the anime, which is always a plus.

I can see how the animation has come on since the initial show. The animation is more complex and showy, which is a definite plus here. The summoning a of Seiryu and Suzaku towards the end. In fact, most of the fighting scenese in this OVA, were more impressive this time around and were certainly worth waiting for. The ending was also satisfying, not to mention a little heartbreaking as Yui and Miaka comforted each other as they departed the world without Tamahome.

Oh, and then there’s the short hot spring skits to speak of. At the end of each episode was a short animation showing the two sets of warriors, Seiryu and Suzaku, on separate bus rides to a hot spring. These were cartoonish and comical, taking an amusing twist on all the magic and melodrama that is arguably the foundation of Fushigi Yuugi and it is hilarious. In all the instances in this anime which they could have used to mock, they could have made a big selection of anime shorts that I would have loved to watch. In fact, I looked forward to these shorts more than the actual show.  They break the fourth wall plenty of times too and even refer to some of the characters by their voice actor’s names, which took me a while to realise.

To sum up, despite the confusing and convoluted parts that were clearly written in for storyline convenience and to twist the plot this and that way to fit, this was fairly enjoyable. Three episodes was a good fit to showcase some good fight scenes, excellent dialogue and a great way to showcase the characters and see what they have been doing with their lives since the anime.  There wasn’t much focus on the actual villain Tenkou, but I was already aware that this was because they were setting him up for the second OVA, so the two aren’t exactly stand-alone pieces. At the end, we see the star couple (see what I did there?) of Miaka and Tamahome split apart because they cannot exist in the same world. Miaka tries to live her life without her love but then… who is that? Someone who looks exactly like Tamahome one day appears before her. But he was born in this world and his name is Taka. Does this mean that they have finally found their happily ever after?

Well, probably not as there’s at least one more OVA to watch. It would appear that the gang’s world-traversing adventures continue…