Twin Star Exorcists – Season 2

Twin Star Exorcists – Season 2

Grotesque monsters known as Impurities reside in Magano, a realm parallel to the present day. Exorcists purify these evil apparitions to protect the people. Rokuro Enmado is opposed to becoming an exorcist, even though he has the talent to be one, but an oracle gives him the title of “Twin Star Exorcist,” the name bestowed upon married exorcists. Benio Adashino, the girl who receives the title along with Rokuro, is determined to exorcise all the Kegare, or Impurities, in the world. The two find themselves wrapped up in more and more battles together as the Twin Star Exorcists…

Rokuro and Benio are back on our screens for a second season, battling the Kegare that threaten to disturb humanity’s peace whilst refusing to believe that they are destined to become a couple and that, in the future, their child, the “miko” will become the most powerful exorcist the world has ever seen, foretold in so many prophecies that the exorcist community has all their opes pinned on these two young people and what is expected to be their future.

In this second season, things take on a darker turn. The Kegare problem is revealed to be worse than initially thought and Rokuro and Benio continue to be haunted by the deaths of their friends and family. Though they are working to become the best exorcists they can possibly be this proves to be harder than first thought when they come up against a new wave of monsters and spirits that can easily deflect their newest, combined attacks.

Twin Star Exorcists has always managed to impress me with its dark and edgy artwork, particularly in the realm of Magano. The colours and sharpness used make you really think that this is another place, a dangerous part of another world where no character is truly safe. That, coupled with the music they continue to use, make this aspect a very original and memorable one.

The new opening and ending themes are a little darker, with the music being even more catchy than before, if that can be believed. Everything has a bit of a techno, synthesised beat to it that keeps things energetic and perilous. This music also goes very well with a certain overused anime trope: screaming your opponent’s name. The music seems to step up a notch when Rokuro turns around and yells something like “YUUUUUUTOOOOOO!”

Thankfully, we are seeing more development with the supporting characters now, which are becoming less two-dimensional because of it. All of these aspects are nicely linked to the story progression and to the development of our two main characters. For instance, we are seeing new layers to Mayura, who in the first season seemed only to be there to be Rokuro’s tsundere childhood friend. But as she is adjusting to his and Benio’s relationship, we see her personality developing and her trying to re-kindle her relationship with her errant father.

I can’t remember whether it was this way in the first season (I certainly don’t remember it, but my mind is not the most reliable) was that there are a lot of ‘flashback’ scenes in which the dimensions change and the anime looks like it’s being filmed as a square. As a result there’s two thick black lines at the sides of the screen not doing much. Okay, we get it, this is Rokuro’s/Benio’s hindsight – why the strange TV dimensions suddenly? These seem to happen rather often and are a little irritating. They also really slow down the action and drama which was beginning to perk up this season. It’s really distracting when I am waiting to see if a character pulls through after a fight, or I want Rokuro to carry on fighting Yuto, when I have to sit through these elongated flashbacks which don’t need to be as long as they are (or even there at all. Sometimes these flashbacks are just footage of older episodes that I’ve seen before. It’s almost like… Dare I say it? Filler, at times.

Though I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a third season of Twin Star Exorcists, I would like things to tie-up nicely and to have a definitive ending. The first series didn’t seem to make much of an impact so I’m looking for something that will take my interest up to another level – perhaps an attack with some powerful Kegare that will make me feel that the storyline, and the characters, have progressed onto another level. I’m hoping that I won’t be disappointed here.