The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi

The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi

img_4927.jpgSakaguchi is a regular high school boy, just like any other. He turns out to have a deep love for Boys’ Love. He could live on Boys’ Love alone! The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi is a hilarious slice-of-life comedy about Fudanshi Sakaguchi and his jolly gang.

Only one anime short for me this season, and it looks to be quite an amusing one.

Based around a Highschool guy who is obsessed with the concept of BL (Boys Love) in manga, every second of his waking life has him looking for these fantasies in real life, seeing relationships and romantic situations between two guys wherever he goes (and trying to take pictures of them on his phone).

His friends are aware of his fixation and tend to despair of Sakaguchi and his antics. But then he meets a classmate that has the same interests as him and he’s able to go with someone to manga stores and anime conventions that makes his constant purchasing if BL a little bit more acceptable.

I wouldn’t consider this anime a yaoi/shounen ai work, but more of a light-hearted comedy around a fan of these works and how the main character’s daily life is affected by that. I certainly don’t think that it’s out to offend anyone or be any more than a bit of fun. If anything, it’s mocking the extreme fudanshi/fujoushi community by including some perspectives from those looking at them and their extreme fangirling. I definitely think that Sakaguchi’s friend Nakamura serves his purpose to put some of his friend’s rather extreme reactions in a humorous perspective.

The characters are fun and are very well-drawn and detailed considering this is a short, comic anime. The style of artwork is a little bit shoujo in its style, particularly when it comes to the male characters, which really works for the content. There’s plenty of good looking guys around, which of course makes Sakaguchi’s BL radar go off the charts. Whenever he meets someone new, he starts creating their manga-character background from just their simple introduction. Since the episodes are so short, not a lot of character development can be expected here, nut it’s not a primary focus. The content being shown here is more like a series of short stories about Sakaguchi’s high school days, and his ‘trouble’ of finding like-minded people and, obviously, buying BL manga.

Plot-wise there’s not much going on here, but every episode is a humorous snapshot into the life of a guy who just loves to see other men in relationships with one another – whether they’re together in real life or not. The music is catchy and upbeat and, if you’ve got a couple of minutes spare, this is a good comic ‘silly’ anime to up your mood a little.

A fun and easily-watchable anime that can be consumed in no time at all given that the episodes are only three minutes long. If you’re looking for something quick and quirk to make you laugh this season, I’d say The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi is your best bet.