Pan de Peace!

Pan de Peace!


Pan de Peace! focuses on the bread-loving girl Minami, who is starting high school and loves to eat bread for breakfast, along with her friends Yuu, Fuyumi, and Noa.


This particular anime originates from a successful four-panel manga series, which is often an ideal source for an anime short consisting of only a handful of minutes. Things here are generally kept short and succinct with only three minutes to do an ‘episode’ in. The concept it very simple: Minami loves everything bread-related and discovers equally-minded friends to share her high school days with. The story never really treads any further behind this simple concept. With anime shorts, I find that it’s important to get a unique and interesting premise in fast – with only a few minutes per episode, it can be difficult to make something that separates itself from the rest. Though ‘bread’ is the stated theme, the references remain minimal throughout and the focus is generally on the four friends at school and hanging out. Sometimes they talk about or eat bread.


The ‘bread’ angle seems just an excuse to bring four moe girls together, with none of them being particularly interesting. Sure, one or more of them always has a trope anime trait to define themselves: energetic, shy, cute, small, but this and the fact that they all like bread more than the average high school student is all that defines them and they rarely do anything that is memorable to me from one week to the next. This one is similar to Anne-Happy in the way that it somewhat relies on the ‘cute girls doing cute things’ to get by, to an extent. Only that there’s precious little going on beyond that and, at this late stage in the episodes, I doubt there’s going to be anything else new to mention at all. Even the character design and animation are just about average, with the only thing standing out would be the saving grace of seeing some of that delicious anime breads and pastries, which are the only shots that any real details are put into.


It’s no surprise that Pan de Peace! is one of the weaker offerings of the Spring 2016 line-up. There are far more stronger and more amusing shorts on offer if you’re looking for something more entertaining and wholeheartedly satisfying. If you need your weekly fix of moe you can stick with it, but you’d need to be a hardened slice-of-life and cute girl lover to be content with just how little this anime has to offer outside of those boundaries.


Having said that, the plot line moves along quick enough for an anime short – it knows where it has to get to and it always gets there (having one of the plainest anime plots in the world sure does help, though). The jokes are simple and cute enough, but not strong enough to elicit an actual laugh from a viewer. The structure and design is standard four-panel-manga-now-anime stuff and is an easy show to keep up on if you want a break from the longer series’.


Pan de Peace! keeps things light, fluffy, positive and happy, but if you’re looking for something new to come out of this one, you’ll be waiting a long time. There’s not even a cultural perspective that could provide a fresh aspect – we just have girls running to school (with bread flapping in their mouths, of course), hanging out together eating bread, meeting the occasional supporting character and taking any excuse to dress up in cute costumes, like organising a maid cafe and dressing up as cats. If you’re looking for short and sweet rather than substance, then be my guest. Especially if you like girls. And bread.