Please tell me! Galko-chan

Please tell me! Galko-chan

img_8124.jpgGalko, Otako and Ojou are a trio of unlikely friends in high school with three very different lives and perspectives. Each episode embarks on a day in the life of a trendy girl, an otaku, and a lady, as they discuss their ‘girl problems’.

I’ve watched a few anime shows in my time that have a slightly cruder angle to them. It’s especially amusing when people don’t see it coming and they get more than they bargained for with some of the dialogue and situations! It’s not kept very much a secret for long in this one, with the first episode being named “Is it true that people with big boobs have big areolas, as well?” It’s not often that anime ventures into areas such as this, especially in technically non-hentai storylines, so I was intrigued about what was in store for this one since it was already trying to shake things up.


Based on an online manga created by Kenya Suzuki, Please tell me! Galko-chan starts off as it means to go on: dynamic and colourful. The opening sequence gives us a look at the main trio and their varying personalities, which happen to be based on three very well-known stereotypes. Galko has that ‘gyaru’ thing going on and has a bit of a reputation about her, which she doesn’t dispute, so you can tell she’s pretty confident and comfortable with herself. Due to how she looks, the boys still try to chat her up with some typical-teenager awkward and terrible scenes. Owing to its origins (no real in-depth storytelling), we get a few different mini-scenarios that play out over the course of the episodes, such as Galko getting really into a story in a textbook to a situation that causes her to shave off her eyebrows. There’s a lot of familiar jokes played out, but they feel a bit more authentic because of its crudeness – it makes this anime seem a bit more real and frank. It’s not really over the top, but it’s a big contrast from anime short slice-of-life shows like Wakaba*Girl, which I am enjoying.


We get plenty of cute scenes with the three of them, mainly at school. Their discussions are misinformed, naive, comic and crude in equal parts – just like the kind of discussions you would think to hear teenagers having between classes or at lunchtime. The focus is mainly on Galko with some interjections from Otako and with Ojou mainly playing bit-parts, but on the whole it makes for a good pace and gets things underway. It certainly doesn’t hurt that everything is covered in bright colours and have some distinctive character designs without going completely over the top.


There’s lots of different kinds of humour always at play, especially now when we’ve seen a few episodes and understand the characters a bit more. Galko, Otaku and Ojou all have their own moments to  shine and build up their personalities. They’ve covered a wide variety of specific topics that I’ve never seen covered before in an anime, which I can’t say isn’t refreshing. It’s not original in any form, but it is welcome in this context.


I think that these episodes are a perfect length for the content. We see some great scenes that, whilst being funny primarily, still tell a story. I could easily see some of these stories being dragged out to create full-length episodes, but in their short duration we see a lot of things being covered in a concentrated space of time and it handles them all well.


Please tell me! Galko-chan is a fun show that I can see having a lot of appeal to wide range of audiences – each of them picking out something that they like that justifies them watching the full episode: the personalities, the character designs or just the fun-but-slightly-gross subject material. It’s quickly established its own sense of humour and jokes and knows how to execute them for maximum comedic effect. I found myself looking forward to watching this one each week.