Miss Monochrome – The Animation 2

Miss Monochrome – The Animation 2

Miss Monochrome is an android who is determined to become a top idol since in the ever-growing competitive market. We see her still endeavouring to pursue all the ways in which she feels will make her a famous idol.

Miss Monochrome is where we left her at the end of the first season, still determined to catch up with super idol Kikuko. In the small, practically furniture-less flat planning her next step to stardom, she reminisces about how far she’s come from when she started but realises that she still isn’t standing out at the level that she needs to. With her domestic robot companion Ru-chan, the quest to get a hundred million people to see her in concert moves to the next step: creating an album to go on tour with. To do this, she realises that she will need more manpower to get where she wants to be. With this in mind, Monochrome starts recruiting for a promoter, musicians and backing dancers.

The animation this time around is a lot cleaner and sharper and, since this is an idol anime, you would expect there to be very catchy opening and ending sequences. Miss Monochrome does not disappoint. Once again, it utilises 3D animation (particularly in the ending sequences) so we can see Monochrome singing and dancing like you would expect her to on stage.

It’s good to see that the sometimes misplaced humour from the first season has finally found its niche. It succeeds in bringing out sides of the characters quickly and helps define them to the audience in short amount of time. From when she’s first introduced, Monochrome’s promoter Yayoi has a personality that changes her from a mild-mannered klutz to a psychotic petrol head every time that she gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. Also, Miss Monochrome’s general enthusiasm to the development of her idol career is comical at times since she remains robotically deadpan throughout every situation, though you can see that she’s close to showing real emotion at times.

We also get an insight into Monochrome’s past experiences and why she really wants to be an idol. You can see from the character detail that Monochrome’s popularity and following has increased rapidly. It keeps its light humour and our android protagonist herself remains adorable with her slightly synthesises voice making its iconic comeback.

IMG_3687.PNGMiss Monochrome – The Animation 2 has a good launch that gets straight to its quirky core, but there doesn’t seem to be a concrete ending in this season, perhaps because season 3 is hot on the heels to this series. The show as a whole continues to work a simple enough gimmick to assemble it and certainly has moments that will make you smile (Yayoi tripping over Monochrome’s installation cable whilst she was using it, causing her data to corrupt and make her think she was a range of new personalities was a personal highlight for me). A lot of the content is just about enjoy the seiyuu and the music, so I’ve been quite lenient with it, but it is on the slower and more relaxed side of the short form genre.