Tribe Cool Crew – Season 4

Tribe Cool Crew – Season 4

Haneru is a kid who’s really into dancing and one day dreams of becoming a famous dancer like his idol, Jey-El. One day while he’s practicing his moves at his usual spot he finds out it’s the same place where a girl named Kanon also practices and. She’s secretly a famous dancer, known on the internet as Rhythm. After being impressed by her moves and finding out she’s been watching his, he decides to form a dance team with her. The decision leads them both into the world of street dancing.

IMG_3568.PNGA fourth consecutive season of my anime guilty pleasure Tribe Cool Crew – what did I do to deserve such luck? Things are heating up at Haneru, Kanon and the rest of the dance group head over to Jey El’s private island to participate in the final stage of Dance Road. All the best dancers have been invited to compete with the theme ‘spirit’ and what this means to them. However, the leaders of the Crowd High movement are determined to erase Jey El and his dance movement from the minds of the masses, replacing it with their own overwhelmingly powerful dance skills.

I can usually tell when an anime season is coming to a close – the pace suddenly picks up at an alarming pace as the producers realise they they’ve got to cover an inordinate amount of stuff and address a lot of different points that were raised throughout the season in a very limited amount of time. Tribe Cool Crew, however, has continued its great pacing overall. Sometimes things got a bit leisurely, like with that whole beach episode that came out of nowhere, but this isn’t exactly a high-octane anime. Nevertheless, there’s always been something there to catch the eye, make me laugh or entertain me with some awesome dance moves.

Haneru speaks to Lui and Moe about why they practise Crowd High when they once were, like him, such big fans of Jey El and his way of dancing. The two scoff at Haneru’s blind admiration and tell him that he shouldn’t be thinking of dancing with Jey, but rather dreaming bigger and being determined to surpass Jey by going head-to-head with him. Crowd High seems to be all about rejecting and beating Jey as the king of dance and encouraging the public to start following in the Crowd High movement, instead. Personally, I find the whole ‘dangerous dancing’ idea quite laughable, but it succeeds in making Haneru doubt himself and wonder just what’s going on with the distant and mysterious Jey. However, in the end, the secrets only encourage Haneru to get to Jey’s private island and see things for himself.

We really start to see some very different dance styles and a range of moves from all the characters. As the Dance Road finalists face off against the Crowd High movement leaders we see them pull out all the stops in some of the best dance battles yet. Mizuki and Kumo face off against Lui and Moe, seeing how their natural talents and synergy match of to the raw power of Crowd High. We also see Blossom Bullets at their most synchronised as they go up against a set of highly-programmed robots able to execute Crowd High dance moves perfectly, with an extended solo from Yuji that shows he’s been developing his skills throughout the series and proving that he’s more than just one of Haneru’s fairweather dance rivals.

After Lui and Moe push their dancing to the limit and their bodies cave under the sheer pressure, we see the world’s biggest leaders in Crowd High: Gold and Silver, join the fray. Their ability with Crowd High is overwhelming, and the audience are intoxicated by it. After Blossom Bullets lose their dance battle against the fearsome duo, Tribe Cool Crew are determined to shut them down. This team dance was the most impressive of all and it’s something I’ve always appreciated in this anime is that you can really see how each character’s dance moves have developed since the initial episodes and how they’ve how they’ve grown together. Just when I think things can’t be any better, I see new and interesting dance moves being used. For an anime that’s pushing nearly 50 episodes now, the dancing is still fresh and engaging.

Tribe Cool Crew has been simmering away for a long time in my anime queue. Whilst I doubt that the ending will succeed in knocking me out of my chair, I can’t say that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It’s never really veered too much off-track and had developed a really colourful and interesting cast of characters that demonstrate a diverse range of dance styles that I always look forward to seeing. Though the biggest focus is, of course, the five members of Tribe Cool Crew, we see the members of Blossom Bullets fulfilling their own dance aspirations and not being left behind.

It’s safe to say I’ll be looking forward to, and yet dreading, the final episode. What am I going to do without this anime to cheer me up?