Uta no Prince-sama: Revolutions – Season 3

Uta no Prince-sama: Revolutions – Season 3

photo 4 (3)Uta no Prince-sama: Revolutions continues after the end of Uta no Prince-sama season 2 when budding boy band ST☆RISH wins the Uta Pri Award for best new rookie group. All seems well for them and Shining Agency’s other group Quartet Night, but soon an opportunity to perform in the opening ceremonies of an international sports festival surfaces. It soon becomes group against group in a fierce battle that will take more than 2000% to win; it will have to be a LOVE REVOLUTION!

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As we meet back up with lizard-eyed, songwriting wunderkind bishounen-magnet Haruka Nanami, she is now also working with Shining Agency’s veteran boy band Quartet Night, helping them make steady progress and expanding their skills and activities. The music industry is abuzz with competition as every renowned artist and band are planning to enter into the selection process to be the opening act of ‘Super Star Sports’, otherwise known as Triple S.

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Meanwhile, Shining issues ST☆RISH with a Cross-Unit Project, splitting the band down into smaller groups to enable them to pursue other areas of entertainment and expand their popularity. The beautiful bishounens all have a go at starring in musicals, films and adverts and receiving guidance from their Quartet Night senpais Ai, Ranmaru, Camus and Reiji.

The range of good-looking guys in UtaPri just keeps on expanding, and this is almost too much for me to handle. As a result, the episodes are split between the members of Shining Agency’s two boybands ST☆RISH continue to focus on their Cross-Unit Project, determined to prove their worth and to get Shining to reconsider his refusal to let them enter the Triple S competition. On the other hand, Haruka must work with the divas that are Quartet Night to help them work as a team and evolve as a band.

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Due to the number of characters, this season is perhaps a little more episodic than its predecessors. Triple S is explained right at the very beginning and everything leading up to that is a focus on a small section of guys trying their hand at something new. Whilst this is a good way to maintain each character’s personality and make sure that they don’t get lost in the sea and pretty faces, there doesn’t seem to be much significance in what they are doing. The cast of UtaPri has grown exponentially (seven members of ST☆RISH, four in Quartet Night, Haruka, her friends, the Shining Agency’s teachers and supporters), screen time for individuality is minimised and appearances are sporadic.

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I am slowly starting to accept the fact that Haruka will be lucky if she gets any character development from now on. From interactions with people other than ST☆RISH and the variety of songs she writes, she is slowly starting to develop her own personality through other characters. There have been so many opportunities to give her extra growth but this time is taken up by smouldering stares, cheeky winks and sparkling smiles from the good-looking men that flock around her. I think this happens quite a bit and I would protest more, but then Ren looks at me and they all start singing and I forget what I was annoyed about. Go figure.

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Once more, the songs and character designs are sharp, catchy and of a very high standard. Even though the cast is slowly expanding, they still have their own personal styles and quirks that have been visually reinforced more than ever because there is less timeOverall, the animation is still rather good, though I did notice some inconsistencies in the drawings – especially when the members of ST☆RISH are all in one shot together. Obviously their smouldering static stares are affecting the artists.

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Even after three seasons, I’m still enjoying ST☆RISH and their whole entourage. This is a reverse harem that has found a place in my heart (and I still can’t explain why). The final episode left us with a cliffhanger on who will get to play the opening at Triple S, but it appears we won’t have to hold on too long as there is a fourth season in the works. An old nemesis has crawled out of the woodwork and it prepared to take back what they think ST☆RISH took from them. This means yet another extra helping of bishounen added to the brimming smorgasbord. I await with baited breath.

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