Takamiya Nasuno Desu

Takamiya Nasuno Desu

IMG_2243.PNGTakamiya Nasuno Desu is an anime short spin-off that focuses on the crazy, random life of Nasuno Takamiya, the airheaded school tennis club member from Teekyuu, and her friends.

I’ve got to start off by saying that this is one of the most random animes that I have ever seen. I know that anime shorts don’t often have time to make a lot of sense, but this one just completely forgoes logic in favour of filling its very short time slot with madcap antics and nonsensical jokes.

IMG_2255.PNGI’m not particularly familiar with Teekyuu, but I know that it shares the same short-segmented concept filled with fast-paced comedy. Most of the humour in Takemiya Nasuno Desu is mainly due to the speed at which the episode is moving along and just how completely random everything is. One second Nasuno is making her long-suffering butler clean her library and the next she’s flying away into the distance with her head clasped in the talons of an eagle.

In fact, this show is so fast that you can barely follow what’s being said (I’m a fast reader, and sometimes there’s barely enough time to read the subtitles – not that they make much sense in this show, anyway). It’s also trying to get in as much quick gags as possible, but completely overshoots the mark because you don’t have time to realise that someone just made a joke because everything’s so fast.

IMG_2254.PNGFor a three-minute anime, there’s an awfully long opening scene that really cuts into the runtime and it’s the slowest thing about the show. It’s a shame to see such a leisurely opening that is almost as long as the actual episode. No wonder the plot and characters have to speak at the speed of light – there’s precious little time for them to actually do anything after the opening!

Having said that, I do enjoy the length of the episode. I like anime shorts because they provide a quick laugh when I don’t have time to watch a full episode. They’re reminiscent of four-panel manga comedies such as Azumanga Daioh and it’s a refreshing genre of anime that I’ve only recently discovered.

What would have made this better is if they had just scrapped the opening scene so they didn’t have to speed up the plot to a level that was practically ridiculous. That precious time could have been used more wisely, such as slowing the pace down just a little bit more in order to set up punchlines and not have the characters sound like they’re being fast-forwarded. It does make it difficult to appreciate the comedy when everything’s happening so fast that your brain can barely register the spontaneous insanity before the anime moves onto something else or, indeed, finishes completely.

Takamiya Nasuno Desu is one of the fastest, most bizarre animes I’ve ever seen. This combination of elements makes for an intense, wacky watch. I wouldn’t go in expecting too much out of this one, particularly if you haven’t seen Teekyuu first, so just sit back and try to take the craziness at face value.