Triage X

Triage X

Mochizuki General Hospital has some of the most well-trained (and well-endowed) nurses in town. These women work hard day-in-day out, battling sicknesses and injuries and giving help to those that need it. But after-hours they also dedicate their time to battling a different kind of disease altogether. Lead by the chairman of the hospital, a group of staff members and tough teenagers form an unbeatable group of mercenaries and assassins who target the “cancers” and “tumours” of society and remove them before their evil spreads any further.

Triage X is an anime based on a manga that has been written and drawn by Shōji Satō (known for creating the well-known series Highschool of the Dead). Essentially, it’s a fast-paced action story filled with cars, motorbikes, heavy artillery, guns, swords, scantily-clad women (often in nurses outfits) and Die Hard-style explosions. From what I’ve seen so far, there does seem to be some form of plot emerging, but it’s more about automobiles, weaponry and hot girls. It’s hard to think about where you think the plot is going when you’re constantly faced with back-to-back battles and mortal peril.

These priorities may not make Triage X the most complex anime of this season, but it does make it one of the most exciting. It asserts its main focuses early on – and everything else (such as character introductions, backstories and context) is woven in later. From the first episode you are immediately thrown into the night-time activities of this extremely dangerous vigilante group and shown the extents in which they are willing to go to help purge sinister people from society. You can see the similarities between this anime and HOTD straight away, with the same levels of drama and escalating complexity. Only Triage X seems more stripped-back, as there is less romance and fan-service to get in the way of the concentrated action.

As a result, the story is minimal. The small mentions of character development that are slipped in are quickly forgotten as everyone suddenly has to jump on motorbikes and beat bad guys. Though this isn’t something I usually look for in an anime, I’m pleased that they haven’t tried to make this plot something that it isn’t with half-baked story lines. When faced with the choice of style or substance, they have chosen style and really made the commitment. It’s hot girls (and one guy) on bikes with big guns. They work all day and fight all night – they haven’t got time to explain much to the audience about how they got in this situation.

The only problem with this is that the characters all may as well be one person. They all have their different anime archetypes and different choices of weaponry, but overall their goals are exactly the same from the get-go. Even though the characters aren’t fleshed out at all, they don’t fall into the anime trap of being only recognised by one personality trait (e.g. being shy, being clumsy, being obsessed with something), which is something to be thankful for, at least.

The soundtrack is something I enjoy. The opening music in particular is really catchy and suits the dark, high-octane setting of the anime down to the ground. The art is average, I would say. It’s not the greatest, but it fits the anime genre and is of a very consistent quality and reminded me a lot of the artwork of Gurren Lagann and Evangelion. I do wonder if these women suffer with chronic back pain though, since they have ludicrously large breasts and don’t wear adequate support whilst fighting all these bad guys. Watching them literally bounce around in fight scenes makes me flinch with sympathy pain.

Which leads me on to my biggest niggling factor about this series: the fan-service. As well as the exaggerated size of body parts, there’s lots of tight leather and body suits and less. Though it’s nowhere near as in-your-face as the assets of the HOTD girls, there are a few full-body shots where the women look like amazons – gigantic breasts and disproportionate arms and legs.

If you’re looking for an action-packed anime packed with girls packing big guns (in every sense of the word) than Triage X offers you that type of no-strings-attached entertainment. You will be blown away by the battles, the attention to detail of the cars and motorbikes and get an undiluted view of the seedy underbelly of a corrupted city.