Superfrog HD

Superfrog HD

Howdy, all! I’m Momo’s little brother PJ24 and I’ve been asked to contribute to this here blog. To be honest though, anime isn’t really my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed my fair share (Full Metal Alchemist FTW!) but video games are much more my jam! As I understand, my sister is not playing as many games as she would like, so I shall attempt to fill the void.

For my first blog, I want to take a look at a HD remake of one of the first computer games I ever played – Superfrog HD.

A 2D platform game originally developed and published for the good old Amiga back in 1993, the objective of Superfrog is to locate and defeat a witch. In doing so, you eventually rescue a princess whilst meeting smaller objectives as you progress, like escaping from captivity within a circus. It was developed by Team17 Software, the people behind the popular Worms franchise, and was very well-received, gaining quite the fan base.

Before I heard the game’s HD remake announcement, I’d have thought that there would be zero chance of this game getting re-released, let alone a full remake. While I have fond childhood memories of Superfrog, and it did have a half-decent following, it didn’t exactly set the world on fire when the content was published – not on the scale of Mario or Sonic, anyway. It left me wondering why this was. But, now I’ve played the remake, I think I have a pretty good idea.

Don’t get me wrong – the game still maintains the charm and gameplay of the original, and the HD makeover is pretty damn good – but it’s clear that game design has moved far beyond the days of Superfrog. Most of this game’s collectables are pretty worthless, only providing you with points and nothing else… and who plays for points these days? And while the graphics are very crisp, the actual art of the game is very bland with generic-looking environments. Suffice to say that it’s a far cry from the visuals of Green Hill Zone or the Mushroom Kingdom.

Despite these minor annoyances I did enjoy Superfrog HD, if only for the trip down memory lane. However, for this reason, I wouldn’t recommend it to new players. If you’re looking for something similar, for just a little bit more money (or perhaps less if you fish around) you could get the fantastic Rayman Origins.