Akame ga Kill! – Season 2

Akame ga Kill! – Season 2

IMG_1386.PNGAkame ga Kill! is the story of Tatsumi, a young man brought up in a remote village who travels to the capital city to raise money to bring back home. However, he discovers that he has been naive to the sizeable amount of corruption festering here. He is soon picked up by Night Raid – an assassin group of vigilantes who fight with specially-crafted Imperial Arms – who want to lead the fight against the city’s corrupt empire and end its tyranny.

Based on the manga written by Takahiro, Tatsumi finds himself joining Night Raid after finding that he has no other place to go. This ragtag group of assassins are known around the capital, and wanted posters are everywhere, but the true horror in the capital is not Night Raid, but the capital itself. To fight against the corruption that nearly consumed him, Tatsumi must learn to fight quickly to stay afloat.

Things have become more intense for Night Raid as the episodes have progressed. Whilst battling against the corrupt capital and its young emperor, including facing off against the undefeatable General Esdeath and her special guard, the Jaegers. They have defeated many enemies, but not without cost. Their numbers have been depleted, increased, and then whittled down yet again as they fight against other Imperial Arms users including Kurome – Akame’s younger sister.

IMG_1394.JPGThe second half of this 24-episode anime is all about the high-octane battles. We know the characters, their background, strengths and weaknesses, and Night Raid are put to the test as they face-off against the capitals Imperial Arms users – the Jaegers. They are fast-paced and fuelled by vengeance, but these battles are more intricate than usual because the Jaegers aren’t wholly perceived as ‘evil’. We see them living in the capital, working with Esdeath, and trying to identify with one another in a similar way to the members of Night Raid. There are many comparisons to be drawn between members of the two factions – not only Akame and Kurome, but between Tatsumi and Wave, who have very similar backgrounds. Both are talented fighters that have spent most of their lives living outside the capital and have recently arrived wanted to prove themselves. The only difference is that they have ended up on different sides.

As the show reaches the end of its run, these one-on-one battles are quickly pushed aside to make room for the big guys, as Night Raid make their last hurrah against the young, manipulated emperor and his puppet master of a minister – with frightening results.

IMG_1387.PNGThe stakes have continued to raise in this anime ever since its beginning back in August – but concluding episodes have definitely implied that nothing is off limits and anything could happen. In a very George R. R. Martin way, no character is safe. Whilst I felt that some of the smaller (but very interesting) plot lines were ended a little abruptly as a result of getting things wrapped up before the final episode, it’s difficult to criticise too much because of the sheer amount of action. The story hurtles on towards it final climax at a gripping, breakneck pace.

IMG_1389.PNGWithout trying to give away too many spoilers, this series has certainly had its fair share of twists and turns, with clashes never ending the way I expected and more than a handful of shocking moments. Akame ga Kill! isn’t afraid to be daring and commit to its plot decisions, even if it ‘breaks rules’ or shocks the masses. The final confrontation is everything viewers would expect: sharp, slick and with enough emotion behind the characters to have you rooting for Night Raid to win – whatever the cost.

Though not the most profound anime, it definitely doesn’t lack in heart and motivation. Despite the inevitable variations from the manga, the series still manages to stand as a story full of compelling protagonists, complex antagonists and a story that never let up on the action or intrigue. It has strong animation throughout and some great music by Taku Iwasaki.