30 day anime challenge #6

30 day anime challenge #6

animechallengeThe 30 Day Anime Challenge is where you post a picture every day of one of your favourite animes – focusing on a favourite character, a great scene or just an anime of great significance to you. I loved posting these and talking about them, and I love to see what everyone else has posted under the hashtag #30DayAnimeChallenge on social media. Here is my sixth and final lot for the 30 Day Anime Challenge – what are yours?

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Best anime fight: Eren Jaeger vs. Annie Leonhart (titan forms) in Attack on Titan.

This is a fight that all the viewers have been waiting for since the mysterious first appearance of the female titan. These two go all-out in an epic titan battle. The female titan has been nigh-on indestructible until the moment, so it was good to finally see Eren square up to her once and for all. It was a great way to end the series, and I’m looking forward to the second one next year!

Most badass scene from any anime character: Kenpachi Zaraki, in any scene that involves him, from Bleach.

For all that know Kenpachi, I’m sure you will agree. In my opinion, Kenpachi Zaraki only has to rock up in Bleach and I know that something seriously badass is going to go down. Him showing up is the visual cue for shit to get real. Even with pink-haired, big-eyed Yachiru on his back calling him ‘Ken-chan’, he’s still the Chuck Norris of Soul Society. The guy doesn’t DO badass, he IS badass.

Favourite quote from an anime character: R.E.O. Speedwagon’s amazing statement from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

I love this quote. It’s in no way meaningful or powerful, but I think it’s hilarious. This anime has an odd quirk of characters ‘stating the obvious’ for no real reason, often with unintentionally amusing results (like this one). Plus, taken out of context, it makes no sense (even in context, it makes very little) but then, that’s why I love JJBA *poses*.

Anime that I wished was real: .hack.

I absolutely adore the .hack series, and have done for a long time. I loved the anime, the video games, the manga and the light novels. It was the first anime based on an MMORPG I ever watched and I would very much like to become a character in The World. It would be awesome. I would either be a heavy blade or a wavemaster, smash dungeon after dungeon, and just be generally awesome. Just saying.

Anime that I wished never ended: Sailormoon.

And last, but by no means least, my final choice for this spot is Sailormoon. I wish this never ended. I wish the sailor sensei continued to battle evil then, when they got too old, they had kids and then they became sailor sensei. And thus the cycle would never end. This is the anime that I hold responsible for my lifelong obsession, At least Sailormoon Crystal is ensuring I get my fix at the moment.

And there you have it – my 30 Day Anime Challenge is complete. I really enjoyed doing this, and it made me make some really tough choices. If you want to share your own thoughts, I’d love to hear them.