30 day anime challenge #5

30 day anime challenge #5

The 30 Day Anime Challenge is where you post a picture every day of one of your favourite animes – focusing on a favourite character, a great scene or just an anime of great significance to you. I loved posting these and talking about them, and I love to see what everyone else has posted under the hashtag #30DayAnimeChallenge on social media. Here is my fifth lot of six for the 30 Day Anime Challenge – what are yours?

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Favourite goofy anime character: Might Guy from Naruto Shippuden.

Might Guy is the king of goof. Just look at him. He embarrasses his students with his outrageous optimism and fervorous zeal and frightens everyone with his aggressive enthusiasm. But underneath that green onesie and bowl cut, everyone knows that he can kick some serious ass because he’s Konoha’s Sublime Green Beast of Prey. And that’s why he’s one of my favourite Naruto characters.

Favourite weapon, gear or armour used in an anime: alchemy.

Surely the top weapon in this category has got to be alchemy. It’s so powerful and unique that it can technically be a weapon, gear and armour. Its ability is only limited to the knowledge and creativity of the one who wields it and I loved seeing its versatility demonstrated by the government alchemists in FMA. If alchemy really looked like this, I would be an alchemist immediately.

Favourite attack used in an anime: Ionioi Hetairoi by Rider in Fate/Zero.

I loved Rider’s Noble Phantasm ‘Ionioi Hetairoi’ in Fate/Zero. Since it’s basically his life subliminated into a Reality Marble, it transports his enemies into his world where him and his gigantic and legendary army is waiting to destroy them. The first time I saw this Noble Phantasm I was really blown away – it was such an impressive scene and it was absolutely perfect for a larger-than-life character like Rider himself.

Moment that shocked me the most: Mami Tomoe’s untimely death in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

This scene instantly sprang to mind as soon as I read this particular challenge. The image pretty much speaks for itself. Until Madoka Magica, everyone thought that mahou shoujo were practically invincible, but here we see the real vulnerability of young girls and how naivety is deadly. Put it this way: there are two types of people in this world – those who fell off their chair when they saw this happen to Mami, and LIARS.

Saddest anime death: Sachi from Sword Art Online.

Such a sad (and hauntingly beautiful) scene, and so memorable – especially watching all the Moonlight Black Cats meet their fate in a room that was effectively a trap. If the shy, timid Sachi dying wasn’t sad enough, when Kirito received a time-delayed message from her at Christmas, where she told him not to blame himself for her death, and then sang a Christmas song to him, was an absolute killer. It is these types of moments where SAO shows that it isn’t just popular hype. Poor Sachi.

And there you have it. Next time I will be talking about my best anime fight, my most badass scene from an anime character, my favourite quote from an anime, the anime I wished was real and the anime that I wish never ended.