30 day anime challenge #3

30 day anime challenge #3

animechallengeThe 30 Day Anime Challenge is where you post a picture every day of one of your favourite animes – focusing on a favourite character, a great scene or just an anime of great significance to you. I loved posting these and talking about them, and I love to see what everyone else has posted under the hashtag #30DayAnimeChallenge on social media. Here is my third lot of five for the 30 Day Anime Challenge – what are yours?

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Favourite mech anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I’ve never really been into mech anime. I’ve seen a few, but none have ever interested me enough to stick with them. Evangelion was a completely different story, though. It was the first one I saw, and none has ever come close since. I couldn’t buy the DVD’s fast enough. The execution was perfect, with an engrossing plot and a compellingly complex cast of characters. Even if mech anime isn’t your thing, I would tell you to at least give this one a chance.

Saddest anime scene: The final scene from Angel Beats.

Angel Beats is known for being one of those animes that hits you right in the heart over and over again, but this particular scene took absolutely no prisoners. By the end of the series, you’re feeling a little emotionally drained and wondering what else there could possibly be that this anime can throw at you and it’s this: the final revelation and goodbye between Otonashi and Kanade was a curveball of feels I was just not expecting.

Anime character I am most similar to: Chie Satonaka from Persona 4.

I am totally a Chie. I’m a carnivorous martial arts enthusiast tomboy that beats the boys at video games and makes uncomfortable jokes. I can really relate to her (and she was always in my team on the Playstation).

Anime that never gets old: Death Note.

When the manga first came out I was absolutely hooked. When I saw the anime I loved the characters and how well the cat and mouse game between Light and L was executed. I like watching it from the beginning every once in a while because I love how clever it is. I even re-read the manga because both Light and L are incredible characters.

Favourite anime sidekick, pet or summoning: Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.

He’ll kill your enemies, fix your problems, lay your table and bring you tea in bed. Whether it’s dinner parties, gardening and laundry or blood, fire and death – he’s a handy bishounen to have around. If Sebastian isn’t the ultimate summoning, then I don’t know what is.

And there you have it. Next time I will be talking about the anime with the best animation, my favourite male and female supporting characters, the most epic scene ever, and the anime character that gets on my nerves.