30 day anime challenge #2

30 day anime challenge #2

The 30 Day Anime Challenge is where you post a picture every day of one of your favourite animes – focusing on a favourite character, a great scene or just an anime of great significance to you. I loved posting these and talking about them, and I love to see what everyone else has posted under the hashtag #30DayAnimeChallenge on social media. Here is my second five for the 30 Day Anime Challenge – what are yours?

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Anime I want to see but haven’t yet: One Piece.

It’s a noticeable gap in my anime knowledge, I’m afraid. Quite possible the longest-running shounen anime to date and I haven’t seen a single episode. Not from lack of trying, you understand. I’m reading the manga though – I promise! Restrain your otaku astonishment please!

My anime crush: Ken Masters (Street Fighter).

My all-time anime crush has always been, and it likely to always be, Ken Masters. He’s always been so much cooler than Ryu, and a much more interesting character to watch. He looks good in every single Street Fighter anime with his golden hair, extraordinary muscles, vocal egotism (and his trademark power-eyebrows). Ken for the win – SHORYUKEN!

Favourite anime couple: Tohru and Kyo (Fruits Basket).

I just loved watching their relationship develop. It was as complicated as it was innocent. Tohru’s gentleness was the only thing that could reach Kyo after all he had suffered at the hands of the Sohmas. Less Yuki, more Kyo. Enough said.

Favourite anime villain: Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter).

Hisoka is a superb anime villain. He’s clever, strong, disturbingly perverse and downright creepy. He’s a master tactician, manipulator, and loves the thrill of the chase and battling strong opponents. Knowing that Hisoka is watching Gon become older and stronger and is just biding his time… it’s chilling. And the fact that he dresses in full clown get-up is just icing on the twisted cake. Meruem and Illumi don’t even come close. Hisoka’s the real threat in the Hunter x Hunter universe.

Favourite fighter anime: Fairy Tale.

A great fighter anime because it is a veritable roller-coaster ride of battles and magic. It’s always entertaining, and the Fairy Tale guild are so varied in their personalities and abilities that no fight is ever the same. I’m never disappointed when two wizards square off against one another in a battle. I can’t get enough of this anime (or the manga) as it’s action-packed until the very end!

And there you have it. Next time I will be talking about my favourite mech anime, my saddest anime scene, the anime character I am most similar to, an anime that never gets old, and my favourite anime sidekick.