30 day anime challenge #1

30 day anime challenge #1

The 30 Day Anime Challenge is where you post a picture every day of one of your favourite animes – focusing on a favourite character, a great scene or just an anime of great significance to you. I loved posting these and talking about them, and I love to see what everyone else has posted under the hashtag #30DayAnimeChallenge on social media. Here is my first five for the 30 Day Anime Challenge – what are yours?

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Very first anime I watched: Pokémon.

Of course, the first anime I watched was Pokémon. I remember watching the first episode with my brother back in the late 90s and thinking ‘This. Is. Amazing’, thus igniting my love of the entire franchise and a certain electric yellow mouse. I’ve become a bit out of touch, and have lost track of all the new pokémon that have arrived in recent years, but this anime series is one of the few that started by lifelong obsession!

Favourite anime I’ve watched so far: Naruto Shippuden.

My favourite anime has to be Naruto. I’ve been following the manga for over a decade and watched the anime religiously and now feel like an honorary member on Konohagakure. I’ve literally grown up with this massive cast of great characters. Such a shame to hear that both the manga and anime is coming to an end very, very shortly. It will be a very sad day!

Favourite male anime character: Leorio Paradinight (Hunter x Hunter).

Leorio is a fantastic character. He’s determined, intelligent, relatable and downright hilarious. He’s very relatable, so while Gon, Killua and Kurapika and doing all these death-defying things without breaking a sweat, Leorio is pulling the faces that the rest of us would be making. I’m so pleased he’s made a comeback after being absent from the chimera ant arc.

Favourite female anime character: Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena).

Revolutionary Girl Utena was the second shoujo series I discovered after Sailormoon, and I loved Utena’s character. She’s not the princess: she’s the prince. She protects the Rose Bride at Ootori Academy, dresses sensibly for sword fights, and is strong and determined. She comes into this elite atmosphere and cuts all the students down to size. And in the Utena film she turns into a car for reasons I still don’t quite understand. What’s not to like about her?

Anime I am ashamed to have enjoyed: Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

When I was 14 I bought this series for me and my brother to watch. I liked it then, but now I see how terrible it was. Awful animation, cringey dub, literally no plot and the worst characters ever. Guess I got suckered in because it had ‘Final Fantasy’ in the title and had chocobos in it. I love chocobos.