Momo Kyun Sword

Momo Kyun Sword

IMG_0960.PNGMomoko is a young girl who was born from a peach. Discovered by an elderly couple, she was taken in and raised as their daughter. Having now grown into a strong swordfighter, Momoko also lives with her three constant companions – dog god Inugami, monkey god Sarugami, and pheasant god Kijigami – in relative peace. However, when a demon army led by the devil king begins to invade the surrounding areas looking to steal the fragments of the Michimi Peach that are protecting the land, Momoko knows that she has to use her sword and fusion powers to prevent it. To save her land and the people that she cares for, Momoko and her friends set off on a  great adventure.

This anime is based on a light novel series by Kibidango Project, which again is based on a well-known Japanese folklore story about hero Momotaro, who was also born from a peach.

I was actually quite excited about this anime – badass heroines kicking butt, taking names and showing off their magical powers. Momoko herself is a very likeable heroine: fun and friendly without being too ditzy and brainless. She knows how to wield a sword and has powerful fusion transformations with her animal god companions. She also has massive boobs that shine like peaches. And they–are–everywhere.

With stuff like this happening, I am genuinely surprise that she hasn’t got two permanently black eyes.

Massive knockers aside (and up, and down… and up, and down…) I still remained positive. There was plenty of fun characters alongside Momoko and they didn’t seem to affect the fast pace. There was also plenty of action scenes, which I enjoyed (when I wasn’t wincing at watching Momoko running across a beach with what seemed to be absolutely no chest support – such was the affect her bountiful bosom was having on me).

Sadly, I found things beginning to go drastically downhill after a few episodes. I don’t mind a bit fanservice, but there were a few episodes here that were just elongated fanservice scenes laced together with some thin plot-lines. It got to the point where I was seeing the celestial maiden squad doing absolutely nothing with absolutely nothing on. And I didn’t really have much clue as to what was going on, either.

IMG_0670.PNGWatching the episodes actually turned into a bit of a hard slog. I wondered where all the great fight scenes had gone and where all these extra, pointless characters had come from and what their purpose was. I had trouble remembering names and plot points to the extent where I was considering giving this one up for good (something which I am loathe to do). I was really disappointed and mourned what this anime really could have been if it wasn’t… well… this.

I thought Onihime would be the saving grace for this one, but even she fell short of my expectations. There was a bizarre plot twist involving her and Momoko (although I’m unsure as to whether this particular event happened in the traditional folklore tale or if it was something ‘original’) which made very little sense. After this particular revelation, she deflated into a whiny character that, even equipped with a badass demon sword, doesn’t manage to get anything done.

I had such high hopes for these guys, but they let me down episode after episode.

Momo Kyun Sword is a fun anime, but also has some pretty mind-numbingly stupid moments. It would build things up so that one would be expecting something great to happen, but then shies away from any drama right at the last moment. It was extremely annoying, but also kept me hoping that things would redeem themselves. But they never did. To avoid disappointment like this in future, I am going to apply my ‘three episode rule’ to stop myself committing to anime that has failed to deliver what it has promised.