Blade Dance of the Elementalers

Blade Dance of the Elementalers

IMG_0873.PNGIn a world where elemental spirits exist and only pure maidens are able to make contracts with them, young girls from noble families attend Areishia Spirit Academy to be given an elite education in order to emerge as an elementalist. Kamito Kazehaya is a young man who does something once thought impossible – he makes a contract with a spirit. Being only the second male elementalist to exist in the last 1,000 years, he is invited to attend the esteemed academy by Greyworth Ciel Mais, Areisha Spirit Academy’s Director. The purpose behind his invitation is simple – he is required to compete in the Blade Dance, in order to win and be declared as the most powerful elementalist.

Soon after his arrival, he stumbles upon academy student Claire Rouge and discovers that she is intending to make a contract with a sealed sword spirit in the nearby forest. Accompanying her, he watches her fail to make a contract with the wild spirit and forms his own contract with the spirit in order to save Claire’s life, much to the academy student’s chagrin. She accuses him of stealing the spirit from her and insists that he give her compensation by him becoming her own contracted spirit. From here onwards, Kamito finds himself becoming mired deeper and deeper in the affairs of other students as he wonders just where his own destiny may take him.

IMG_0871.PNGDespite having inconsistent reviews over many other blogs, I’ve enjoyed watching Blade Dance so far. It’s light-hearted, funny, and it’s got a lot of colourful characters that have elemental powers and get to summon awesome spirits. The concept hooked me from the very first episode.

At its core, this is your usual harem anime with a generous helping of tsundere, but I didn’t let it put me off. There’s nothing wrong with a harem anime as long as it maintains a certain amount of loyalty to plot momentum and doesn’t fall by the wayside by becoming inundated with characters doing silly things in order to win the attentions of the main character. So far, Bladedance hasn’t fallen into this particular trap (like If Her Flag Breaks did last season). It has set itself up for a fun plot with a bit of action to keep things fresh. Claire and Rinslet are great characters and, because of their contrasting personalities, play off each other very well. They even remind me a little bit of Rin and Luvia in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. The girls aren’t your usual helpless harem bunch that have to be rescued from trivial things by the main protagonist: they have kick-ass summoning spirits and mastery over fire and ice.

IMG_0872.PNGKamito as well is doing a good job of being a better-than-average male lead. Usually in a harem anime the protagonist is average to the point of being incredibly dull, and would be if he didn’t have a swarm of girls disrupting his everyday life. Kamito however can stand alone with his personality and isn’t whiny and dull.

Though based on a rather detailed light novel series by Yū Shimizu, the anime version will only run for twelve episodes. So far the pace has been quick and consistent. Thankfully there are only five main girls in this particular harem, so things are unlikely to get out of hand and spiral into a land of nonsensical triviality.

IMG_0874.PNGIt’s not a groundbreaking anime in any sense of the word, but it is fun to watch and the animation is beautiful. There’s lots of opportunities for great action scenes and duels between varying students. It is by no means the first high school/magic academy anime I have seen (and definitely won’t be the last), but Blade Dance is a delight to watch and is generally well-executed. Even if this anime is not usually your thing, I would still recommend a quick watch as there is a lot of potential here.