Nanana’s Buried Treasure

Nanana’s Buried Treasure

20140629-200751-72471296.jpgNanaejima is an artificial island and officially proclaimed a “Special Student Zone” dedicated to only – yes, you’ve guessed it – students. The story here begins ten years ago when teen genius Nanana Ryugajo was murdered in her own apartment by a mysterious killer.

A decade onwards, a boy named Juugo Yama transfers to the high school situated on the island. Not having much money, he chooses the most low-rent apartment that he can find. Why is it such a steal? Because the rooms are haunted by Nanana’s ghost, bound to her former home and unable to move on because she cannot find her killer. Once at high school, Juugo discovers the existence of a certain self-proclaimed ‘Adventure Club’. The objective of the Adventure Club is to seek out and claim hidden artefacts of power dotted around the island and part of Nanana’s Collection. But getting these items isn’t any ordinary treasure hunt – they are hidden behind riddles, booby traps and perils. What’s worse is that the Adventure Club isn’t the only group after Nanana’s Collection. What happens if these artefacts fall into the wrong hands? And even though the mistress of secrets is sat in Juugo’s apartment, she’s not giving away any tempting clues…

I really enjoyed the concept at work here. An entire island dedicated to students – the ghost of a murdered teenage prodigy haunting the room she was killed in (i.e. eating pudding and playing computer games), an place full of magical treasures hidden on the island behind riddles, secrets and intricate booby traps. It makes me want to become part of the Adventure Club. Nanana is by far the cutest ghost girl I have ever seen in an anime.

20140629-200751-72471584.jpgThe first couple of episodes begin slowly as we are introduced to not only Nanana, but also look into Juugo’s past and the reason why he’s on Nanaejima Island. I did enjoy the concept, as I said, but there was one real reason why I was watching this anime – I wanted them to go out and hunt for treasure! Luckily things began to pick up very quickly and adventure and action are added to the supernatural/comedy mix. Once the search for treasure was on, the pace really picked up. A lot more information was explained, but the exposition was done really well, so it never felt that things were slowing down. The ideas behind Nanana’s Collection are very interesting, and this is what I was most fascinated with. I love a bit of myth and magic implemented into my anime, especially when they are derived from actual legendary items.

20140629-200751-72471039.jpgThe only real drawback in this anime is the characters, which for me is a real let-down. Nanana and Juugo are fairly solid characters, and Sherlock Holmes spoof genius-girl Tensai isn’t too bad either, but there are least another ten characters introduced that I feel didn’t even need to make an appearance. This is a tricky thing with animes that have mangas and light novels come before them – they had their own story in their, I’m sure, but in a twenty minute anime episode the time could be better spent on longer action scenes (and more treasure hunting, of course). Some of the recurring characters are only there for mild comedy relief and fan service and that’s it. You can tell that they have become watered-down versions of their manga selves, and it’s really disappointing to witness. Plus, it makes me want to get my hands on said manga and see how they were supposed to be initially portrayed (but if I did this for every anime I watched I would never get anything done).

20140629-200750-72470752.jpgNanana’s Buried Treasure isn’t my favourite anime of this season, but it’s been a solid contender week upon week. I never feel like dragging my heels when a new episode comes out, and now the anime is approaching its final episodes, things can only get more interesting. I am intrigued with how everything’s going to wrap up, and if we finally find out just who is Nanana’s killer. There’s still a lot of questions to be answered, so I hope everything is addressed in the finale.20140629-200752-72472138.jpg