If Her Flag Breaks

If Her Flag Breaks

20140614-220857-79737736.jpgSouta Hatate is a new transfer student with a secret. He has precognitive abilities that allow him to see the futures of those who get close to him in the form of flags atop their heads. Reluctantly, as he begins to bond with girls from his school, he finds himself not only seeing flags above their heads, but sharing a dormitory with all of them (lucky Souta). He soon begins to see black flags above the girls’ heads, and so is able to prevent their deaths with his foresight. However, when a death flag appears above his own head, he discovers that changing his own fate will be way more difficult.

If Her Flag Breaks is a typical harem anime with a twist (haven’t they all), namely Hatate’s odd ability to see flag appear above people’s heads that indicate their fates and feelings (usually concerning him). In my opinion, this particular anime started off very slow and mildly humorous, but then was rescued the involvement of more of Hatate Souta’s harem (Nanami, Akane, Megumu and Ruri) and has now slowed down again due to the sheer level of girls now filling Souta’s dormitory.

20140614-220857-79737458.jpgThere is, I think, a limit to the ‘right’ amount of people you can have in  harem before things escalate to a new level of crazy, and I put that at about six. Any more and I find that by the time the next episode has aired I have already forgotten half of the names, personalities, their pasts, and purpose. The main drawback to a harem anime is having too many characters and not enough time to explore them fully. Charming as If Her Flag Breaks sometimes is, the characters are sometimes a little clichéd and stereotypical. We have token tsundere, android, yandere, cross-dressing boy, ‘little sister’ type, onee-chan… and the rest.

No one wants to see this flag over someones head…

If you’re lucky, characters get one episode dedicated to them before they become a part of the amorphous mass of girls (which, in this instance, are all running as one and crying “Souta-kuuuuun!). This is a shame because, as is usual with harem animes, the main lead always seems to be a bit ‘meh’ compared to the mass of their crazy counterparts stealing the show from one another with all of their crazy ‘quirks’. Hatate is just your average, uninteresting school teen who can see flags. I do hope that we begin to see more of his complicated story unfold now that the day-to-day fun and frolics of harem antics are beginning to become tedious. His story does seem to have a bit of a dark twist to it, but I wonder if it will be enough to combat all the (albeit slightly amusing) silliness we’ve seen so far enough for viewers to even consider taking it seriously.

20140614-220857-79737108.jpgHowever, it does have some very consistent character designs, all beautifully put together with each character having a lovely amount of detail to their hair and clothes. It is nice to see with so many characters there isn’t anything lacking visually. The artwork is slightly simple, I feel, but this does add to its charm and doesn’t feel like anything is lacking.

I am optimistically hoping that this one picks up again soon. Right now, the only reason why I am still watching is because of Akane-chan. Her ‘genki’ type of personality leads her to be incredibly cute. Also, the way she runs is downright hilarious – all fists-to-the-chest and girly wheezing that never fails to make me smile.