Is The Order a Rabbit? – Season 1

Is The Order a Rabbit? – Season 1

20140528-210736-76056685.jpgIn a quiet, picturesque town tucked away in a quaint part of some alpine-resembling countryside is a certain cafe specialising in coffee: Rabbit House. A young girl named Cocoa is moving to the local school and is trying to find the particular cafe where she is supposed to be living for the duration. In exchange for board, Cocoa works at Rabbit House alongside her fellow colleagues small-but-cool Chino and soldierly Lize. She also makes friends with the gentle Chiyo and the sophisticated Charo. They have lots of fun and there is lots of cuteness – with a generous helping of rabbits.

20140528-210734-76054666.jpgIs the Order a Rabbit? is a slice of life anime, so there’s not a lot of action to speak of. The interest exists in subtle nuances, the development of the characters and the fun/cute situations that they find themselves in. Rabbit House is owned by Chino’s dad and there grandfather who, for some reason we do not yet know, is now a rabbit named Tippy (who rides around on the top of his granddaughter’s head). As Cocoa is shown how to make coffee (including latte art – amazing!), recognise the different types and how to greet the customers, we also take a look at the other characters and quickly learn the two main themes of this anime – hot drinks and rabbits, both of which I approve.

20140528-210737-76057454.jpgThe first half of this anime is dedicated to showing the girls running Rabbit House, introducing the other cafes in the area (of which there are quite a few for a small village town, and all have some sort of rabbit-y theme going on), school life and home life. It’s very insular, slow-paced and harmless. But these aren’t necessarily bad things. It’s refreshing to watch an anime that’s not based around some cataclysmic life-or-death situation. It’s very sweet and heartwarming. It’s my new Non Non Biyori.

20140528-210735-76055357.jpgThe character designs are very cute – especially the uniforms – and there’s plenty to look at and lots of inoffensive comedy to enjoy. Sometimes this type of show runs the risk of being considered ‘boring’, but I’ve always got a spot in my busy anime line-up for this type of story. It has it’s own charm and takes it time with cuteness and silliness in equal measure. I like a lot of action in my anime, but when it all begins to get a bit samey it is nice to slow the pace down and be reminded that it’s not all giant monsters and super powers.

20140528-210736-76056955.jpgIs the Order a Rabbit? is extremely moe, but in this instance I’ll make an exception because I do find it so gosh darn cute. It’s a feel-good anime which does exactly what it sets out to do: give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. I mean, they call the episodes ‘bunnisodes’, for god’s sake! For a moe series, I believe that this one has some real potential for character growth too. But really, it’s the overwhelming cuteness of the bunnies that keeps me coming back for more.