Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul


Now that I have your attention: boobs, boobs, boobs.

Blade and Boobs – I mean Blade and Soul – is the story of swordswoman Alka, a woman raised to be a top assassin. When we first meet her, she is on a quest to avenge the death of her master in accordance with the rules of her tribe. Her target is Jin Varrel, an emotionless killer. Along the way, Alka meets a range of other female warriors fighting their way to victory who are also in desperate need of a sports bra.

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Blade and Soul is an anime based on a popular MMO of the same name. Judging from the first couple of episodes only, it’s nothing particularly special. Apart from the obvious fanservice, the main protagonist isn’t very compelling. I guess she is supposed to be characterised as ‘mysterious’, but having an unresponsive main character also means that she doesn’t provoke any interest. The only way Alka really engages in anything is when she’s in a sword fight.

20140427-233732.jpgThankfully, this is where Blade and Soul really does start to get interesting. Really fluid and exciting bouts of action, with plenty of camera action capturing it all from a variety of angles, alongside the rather impressive detail of the scenery. You can tell that these fight scenes are what Blade and Soul is really about, and the characters and plot are just secondary devices to string these high-octane bouts together.

Having said that, there are small moments in these early episodes that hint to more depth and detail being explored at a later date, such as the driving forces behind the Palam Empire, the many different races of people that we have met so far, and Alka’s clan of assassins and the mystery behind her master’s death.

Despite the early onslaught of blades and boobs, there is a lot of potential for development here should the writers want to move beyond what are obviously the animes two main points of focus. As it stands at the moment, it is looking to plateau from a very early stage. Unless, y’know, you really like blades… and boobs.


One thing that really stood out for me in this anime was the stunningly beautiful end credit sequence. A strange thing to highlight, and I don’t want to make it look like the best thing about Blade and Soul is the last ninety seconds, but see for yourself below and let me know what you think.