Black Bullet

Black Bullet

20140419-192825.jpgIn a near future, humans have been all but decimated by Gastrea – viral parasites that have forced humanity into small patches of territory where they live in fear of the next potential attack. Rentaro, a skilled teenager, is a member of the ‘Civil Security’, an organisation that specialises in fighting the Gastrea. His partner in Enju, a young girl who is seemingly adept at taking on the Gastrea. Together they protect what is left of humanity from the terror of this new threat.

Some people say that Black Bullet is similar to Attack on Titan. Here are the similarities I drew:

  1. Humanity suffers at the hands of something bigger than themselves.
  2. That’s it.

20140419-231659.jpgThe biggest difference between this and Attack on Titan was that I didn’t find myself completely hooked halfway through the first episode. None of the characters really stood out to me. They introduce an awful lot of personalities right off the bat and I can barely remember any of their names, which is unusual for me as the first thing I look for in an anime is how involved I can get with the characters.

There was a quick introduction of a masked man, which I would assume means that there are other threats for people to deal with as well as the constant threat of the Gastrea – which we don’t actually know anything about yet, so why introduce another antagonist on top of that? And is it just little girls and teenagers that have the power to put a stop to all this? Have humanity’s numbers dwindled so far that schoolchildren are their last line of defence? It’s not an original concept for anime, but for some reason I just found this harder to swallow in Black Bullet.

20140419-231654.jpgWhat they should have done here, and what could have been Black Bullet’s saving grace, is put the last few minutes of the first episode right at the start. Here we finally begin to hear some background as to what is going on, what has happened to the human population, and their now singular hope of salvation, which would have saved everyone nearly twenty minutes of confusion.

20140419-231647.jpgBlack Bullet’s only saving grace to me was those last couple of minutes of narration. Until then I was ready to give up on this anime before it had even started because I had no investment, no curiosity and, most notable, no clue. The animation’s not too bad, but I wasn’t particularly convinced about anything else that I saw in this episode.

On first impression, Black Bullet may merit watching another episode, as sometimes I know these things take a while to get going. I’ll give it one more chance to turn things around in the next episode. If it’s more of the same, I’m afraid I might have to give this one a miss.