Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid

Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid

Uh-oh, Mikasa’s pissed and she’s heading for the colossal titan!

This review might end up being a little one-sided for a few reasons. The first being I love Attack on Titan, the second being that Nendoroids fascinate me, and the last being that this is the first Nendoroid I have ever purchased. I bought it at Birmingham Comic Con from the good people at Sushi Noms as they guaranteed authentic Nendoroids. It’s very difficult to tell originals from fakes on the internet, as they can be very similar and, without looking at the actual product for tell-tale signs, you could honestly be buying anything.

For those of you unaware, Nendoroids are collectible figurines that were created in 2006 by Good Smile Company. Based on anime, manga or video game characters, their large head and small body give them that kawaii appearance that we all know and love. Nendoroids also come with a range of extra parts for changing facial expressions, poses, and adapting them to hold extra props.

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The Nendoroid was in really good shape. Good Smile Company are known for their high standards of quality and I was quite impressed by the packaging. You can tell a Nendoroid a mile off because of the eye-catching boxes they come in. I was also impressed by the general functionality of the figure. It was easy enough to alter her facial expression and her hands. Her legs were replica ball-and-socket joints, which is pretty much unheard of for Nendoroids, and shows the versatility of this particular figure.

I did have a couple of problems with her props, though. For me, Mikasa’s blades were a little unstable and slipped right out of her grip from the tiniest of nudges. It also took me a few attempts to correctly insert the 3D Manoeuvre Gear into her back, which was quite a chore as there are so many things needed to go into her back for certain poses I was concerned things would get a bit cramped. Fortunately, everything else fit in well.

Unfortunately, it made her a little top-heavy when I attempted her airborne poses.

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This is the pose that I personally favoured – bloodthirsty Mikasa out for titan blood. The face has a great expression and it enabled me to see how dexterous I could be at constructed her. Balance was absolutely key (so was arranging the bloody swords so that they stayed in place). The stand was absolutely crucial in this. The whole thing actually really gave great support and allowed me to adjust the figures height and location. Unfortunately, the screw on the back was a little loose, and I would come back into the room to see Mikasa hanging  upside down sans swords. Having said that, I was very happy to try out her ‘despairing’ pose, which is not something you see on Mikasa’s face very often in the anime!

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You can tell that Good Smile Company made a real effort to make the Nendoroid as relative to the anime as possible. They even include Mikasa’s scarf, which Eren gave to her, so buyers can create more scenes from the anime. There is even a place at the back of the base where you can slot in a backdrop of your choosing. Disappointingly, none are included in the original packaging.

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Overall, I’m really pleased with my first Nendoroid. Mikasa looks and feels really good and, which is a definite tick in the box for me, is durable. Whilst Nendoroids aren’t toys, it does help with all the changing of different parts of the body. I’m looking forward to this being the first piece in my Nendoroid collection!