Fortune Arterial

Fortune Arterial

fortune_arterial_by_rizumu_team-d3833jwHasekura Kohei has never felt like he belonged anywhere. He moves from school to school without feeling like he can put down roots. In order to put an end to this feeling, he enrols in  a high school with a dormitory. However, he soon finds that the dorm does not contain ordinary students. They are vampires… and their servants. As protagonists in  in harem animes are wont to do, he quickly becomes embroiled in their lives.

Fortune Arterial is very formulaic. It does not stray at all from the usual harem plot – main character with no personality finds himself surrounded by pretty girls. The one girl he has a crush on (Sendou Erika) has a bit of a problem with him  – she can’t touch him without having some sort of strange fit. And so the typical madness and mayhem ensues.

photo 1 (1) b
I’ll try… but I have to tell you, it’s not looking good.

At first you think that this might be interesting, and that it brigs something mew to the harem genre as it plays the ‘vampire’ card early, but then it goes ahead and does absolutely nothing with it until the last few episodes. It’s supposed to be a terrible, terrible thing that the lead character learns about Erika and her older brother Iori being vampires, but he doesn’t seem to care or, indeed, feel like telling anyone. So he is given an ultimatum: he has to join the student council or have his memory erased. Suddenly, Erika getting upset means Kohei decides to care about the last day or so. Maybe because it would mean forgetting about walking in on her in the shower?

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The girls are the usual smattering or personalities: Tougi Shiro, who is quiet and likes bunnies and serving tea; Kuze Kiriha, tall and distant and doesn’t seem to care about much (I wouldn’t either if I was in this dorm); and Kohei’s two childhood friends Yuuki Haruna and Kanade, who don’t do much apart from attempting to bring some measly comic relief to the whole situation. However, any real attempts at humour come across as bizarre rather than amusing.

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Sorry girls, it’s a ‘no’ from me.

Nothing happens for about… eight episodes. But from there we then establish that Erika’s ‘fits’ (which are ridiculous) are from being around Kohei and trying not to drink his blood for fear of making him her servant (which any viewer with half a brain would establish in the first two episodes). The only thing worth sticking around for are the antics of Iori, the student council president. The rest of them descend into dull ‘slice-of-life’ school moments and competitions that I can barely remember.

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I find myself wondering the same things, Hasekura-kun…

In conclusion, nothing really happens here. It does rise to some sort of crescendo… but then nothing. Nothing is ever really resolved. Erika will be in mortal danger if she doesn’t take a servant. She does not. Everything went in circles for so long that I gave up what little hope I had of anything happening. I stopped asking questions when I realised it was just boring characters doing boring things. A lot of the escapades I have already forgotten. Here’s hoping I will soon forget the rest.