Galilei Donna

Galilei Donna

The three Ferrari sisters are the descendants of Galileo, though their personalities couldn’t be more different from one another. They suddenly find themselves under attack by the mysterious organisation Adni Moon, as they believe that the sisters hold the secret to the Galileo Tesoro, the secret artefact said to be invented by Galileo. Retreating to their airship, they travel the world in search of Galileo’s secret sketches before they fall into the sinister hands of Adni Moon.

GalileiDonna1Galilei Donna was such a mixed back for me. I’d heard many criticism, but I decided to see for myself. I really enjoyed the first episode; it introduced the characters, laid out the background, explained the plot, and it was all done in good time, so it didn’t even seem like an information overload. There was even a great action scene, with Hozuki bring chased on her futuristic scooter. I really, really want one.


GalileiDonna3Then the pace slowed, as if no one really knew what do next. These three girls are being branded as sky-terrorists and all they’re doing is sulking and skipping around. Cue a couple of episodes of the sisters having personality clashes (I love a bit of sibling rivalry in my anime, but this was flogging a dead horse). Lots of ‘I hate you’, ‘I want to go home’, and ‘what do we do now’s – it’s like they were at summer camp. They could have at least argued about some productive, like how they were going to get out of their current situation alive and with their ancestors legacy in-tact. You would think that important planning issues like that would merit at least a little air-time.

GalileiDonna4But things quickly picked up again, and I was really pleased that things were going back to the roller-coaster that they started out as. It’s the kind of pace that you really look for in an anime series that is only about twelve episodes long. Long-running shows like Naruto, Bleach and Hunter x Hunter have time for intricate backstories and relationships, but it’s just not feasible here. The psychotic Adni Moon executive Roberto was a great harbinger of doom, and the pirates of the Black Ganymede brought the humour to balance him out. Even the sisters became more endearing and the plot began to twist here and there. But then I was let down by the final few episodes.

Going back in time. Meeting Galileo himself. It was so unbelievable. And I’m not referring to the plot device in general, I’m referring to the actual encounter. ‘Oh, you fell from the sky? want to make flying machines with me? Sorry to see you go back to your time in the future. I think I’m in love with you’. Sir, that girl is your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter. And then the trial right at the end? I lost all hope of this series ending well when I saw one of my most hated deux ex machina moments:

Dear all television programmes: please don't use amnesia for a dramatic device in any theme, angle or form. Sincerely, me.
Dear all anime: please don’t use amnesia for a dramatic device in any theme, angle or form. Sincerely, me.

Galilei Dona has the ideas and leads to be such a good series, but the elements all together just didn’t quite sit right and I felt that it didn’t really seek to engage me. The synopsis had me hooked from the beginning, but then it just let me dangle on the line. I was disappointed, but at least it let me down gently, much in the manner of a deflating tyre. It was enjoyable enough, and I liked being along for the ride, but if I looked a little closer, it was a waste of good concepts. The music, the animation, the special effects are all things that made this anime worth a watch. However, it set expectations for me that, by the end of the journey, it was clear that it had no intention of filling.