Kawaii Club – August 2013 Chibi Review

Kawaii Club – August 2013 Chibi Review

The Kawaii Club is a subscription service by Keep It Secret, which delivers monthly parcels of everything kawaii to your door once a month. Such things will often include Japanese snacks, everyday items from top Asian brands to cute up your life, and deals and discounts for related merchandise. You can choose to pay £9.99 or £19.99 per month, and the amount you pay will determine the size of your package.

I have been a member for a few months now on their ‘Chibi Package’ (£9.99 subscription) and have really looked forward to receiving my mid-month parcel, and this month was no exception. Here’s what I received (you can click on the images to enlarge them):

Hello Kitty Fold-Up Fan

kawaii-2A great seasonal piece here, and I can’t wait to get some use out of it (come on, sun, it’s August now, where did you go?). The fan has a thin, translucent look to it – but don’t be fooled. The plastic is sturdy enough to make sure the item generates a consistent breeze even during the most vigorous of fanning sessions. I will be keeping it on stand-by for the next sunny weekend.

Hello Kitty Ice Tray

kawaii-3Again, great choice! The tray is made from pink silicone and makes eight decent-sized Hello Kitty ice cubes. I showed my dad this and he had it filled up and in the freezer straight away! Obviously he couldn’t wait to give his beer that subtle dash of kawaii (Hello Kitty, your fan-base is even more diverse than I thought).

As you can see, the ice cubes come out really well and do hold a good resemblance!


Arale Winged Baseball Cap

kawaii-1Of all the items, this was the one I was most impressed with. A hat! A cute, wearable, nice-fitting hat! And it technically doubles as a cosplay item, too. For those of you not aware, Arale-chan is from an 1980s manga/anime called Dr. Slump. She was a robot built by Senbei Norimaki, and designed to look like a little girl. For the most part, she acted like the young girl she was supposed to be – apart from occasionally displaying her superhuman strength!

Suffice to say I will be wearing this every chance I get. Even if no one really gets the origin, it is just as amazing as a standard hat. The visor is sturdy, you can adjust the size at the back and it’s generally well-made. kawaii-5But the
most important fact is that it’s a hat with wings. Not many  people can boast that about their hats.

Great selection this month, Kawaii Club – I’m already looking forward to what September might bring! Here’s a picture of me briefly cosplaying as Arale-chan – wearing some kawaii glasses to make it look more legit, of course!

If your interested in subscribing to the Kawaii Club, please visit www.kawaiiclub.co.uk.